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Hi, I had a disturbing dream last night which woke me up in the middle of the night. I seemed to be alone, walking when I ended up in building, could have been a pub. I went to a room, which was very dirty and quiet empty, and relatively dark. Opposite the room was a big window or doorway (no glass) through which I could see a man staring at me for a while.

The floor of the room was messy, and there were ants crawling, as well as black spiders.

I think I wanted to change my clothes in that room but now I can't be too sure.

I sat on a sofa which was in that room, when spiders followed me to where I sat and started jumping at me from beneath my feet. I tried to squash them with my feet. But the spiders were quite large, almost seemed fake.

Are these spiders the problems/fears I am trying to get rid off, yet they keep coming back at me, overwhelming me? I guess that's how I feel with this dream.

please, any thoughts, or other ideas to what this dream could symbolise?

thank you

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Re: spiders


You may very well have the essence of the dream in that the problems/fears you are trying to rid yourself return as overwhelming. If so, take heart. These issues you face will not be resolved overnight. It is difficult to effect positive change but it is through your willingness to address, examine and resolve them that you will eventually succeed and work through them. The feet may symbolize the base in getting to the bottom or source of the issue is needed before you can begin work toward resolution.

In that, the ants may be those ‘little’ things that would bother you. Spiders weave webs which could symbolize untruths or deception. Is there someone you know, a friend or family member, whose actions or words work to deceive that you find bothersome?

A desire to change your clothes could be a metaphor for the work you are now in, changing the outer Persona, or changing the relationship with this person. Perhaps as you try to evade or leave these issues or someone behind these little deceptions have attached to you in some way and are now affecting you, are at the bottom of the issues. Again, that the spiders seem ‘fake’ could indicate untruths or deceptions, or even this person not allowing their real self to be known.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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Re: spiders

Thanks Kathy,

your response was good, and close to what I am feeling.

I don't seem to understand who the male person could be, that was watching me for a while through a window or doorway, he seemed framed in the distance.
Is it a person, or just masculinity, or strength being represented by this person?
Could I be trying to be stronger, and that's why I am changing my clothes, or is this person, my closest male friend? I seem to be reacting very sensitive to his words. I am speaking about my boyfriend of 4 years. I feel that my weakness and fragility is being addressed in this relationship, the feelings I might have been holding close to my heart from my family background. That is, my parents not having a close relationship, or remembering being hurt by my mother - the words said affecting me strongly, or words not spoken. I seem to be trying to look back at my childhood to see what made me the way I am.
I now feel that I am scrutinising little things that my boyfriend says to me, or does, and testing his love for me, I am getting hurt by the things he says to me even though he might not mean anything. I take it really to heart by crying and getting into the habit of re-acting to his words, then feeling sad again that I cried and that I am weak and fragile, or maybe that I might loose his love because I feel words are powerful and mean a lot.

I know he loves me, it is not the question here, and he doesn't intend to hurt me, he's also affected by this.

I feel like I can't solve this habit of mine, my dreams only tell me what I already feel or know, and yet I fall into the same habit of crying, of getting upset, of wanting to be needed etc etc.
I don't want to blame my family relationships for any of this, it is not the way, how do I address this is my everyday dilemma.

thank you Kathy

I am sorry if I haven't been clear, but I am trying to describe this as best I know, and from comes to my heart and mind as simply as I can. Thank you for interpreting my dreams and for your supporting words in your previous posts as well.

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Re: spiders

Hi Magdalena,

I found this on the MDS site:


It maybe helpful....


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