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two times in my life ive had a dream about being kidnapped by terrorists. they were almost the same. i think the last time i had that dream before this one had to have been over a year ago. so they werent close. im not a fan of middle easterners, or george w. bush. if i remember correctly i was released or (escaped) in the end. either that or the dream seemed to end before anything else happened.
would this happen to be related to any of my personal beliefs on society / race / cultures etc.?

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Re: terrorists

this dream could just be highlighting your fears ,the world political climate at the moment etc.
we sometimes have a mental run through of a particular predicament,a what if,
this is a natural defense mechanism and part of our nature,forwarned is forearmed as the saying goes.

there could also be a deeper aspect to it,

if you imagine that these abductors are a part of your own psyche,
they may represent the shaddow,the aspects of ourselves we would rather not acknowledge,
we tend to project these onto other people,religions,beliefs etc,
so it is possible that your dream reflects this.
the fact you had this dream more than once,would suggest that it is work ongoing,
an issue that needs attention,

if i can make a quote from kung fu,
how can a man be at one with himself,
by being one with all that is without himself.
hope this is of some use.

regards steve.

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