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sorry about all these posts, i just found the site and am interested in what people have to say. i have strange dreams, some that come back over years time. but anyways, if youve ever seen hellraiser, the guy with the nails in his head is the one ill be refering to.
so anyways years and years ago i used to have dreams all the time about him. the strange thing is, when i was having the dreams i had no idea who he was or that that guy even existed, i have never seen the movie or anything. it was the strangest thing and i still havnt forgotten about it. then all of a sudden i saw him in a movie proabably years later and i was like, what the.....dude....i used to have dreams about that guy before i even knew he existed! its kind of wierd if you ask me. i doubt if anyone believed me, but that doesnt matter. i remember dreams. please comment. thanks.

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Re: hellraiser


Reoccuring dreams often indicate the importance of an unconscious communication. Dreams tend to repeat until the issue presented is resolved. In the prior post I stated the dream was probably straightforward. That's because the dreams of younger people generally address waking life issues and/or events. Younger people spend much wakign time investing in developing themselves, building knowledge, finances, adult lives, etc in relation to the societal life. Dreams of older people, like me in middle age, tend to focus on inner development of personality issues, evaluating life lived to date, the personality we've developed, approaching old age, etc. At this age the process of Individuation becomes more pronounced and deeper archetypical meaning is often reflected more so in our dreams.

With that said...the conscicous filters out what it deems unneccessary or not relevent. The unconscious however receives in everything, much of what the conscious filters out resides in the unconscious. That you don't consciously remember seeing an image of Pinhead from Hellraiser doesn't neccessarily mean you did not actually catch a glimpse of it whether it be on a poster, commercial, a sticker on some one's personal item, etc. While it's possible you were never exposed to this visual image it's just as possible you were but the conscious filtered it out only to be picked up by the unconscious & used symbolically in your dreams. Then at the conscious discovery that this character actually exists the conscious did not make the connection because it failed to record the image previously.

That you recall dreams and reoccurring dreams is a great asset! Dreams allow you to examine your waking life and your self. If you work with your dreams the knowledge you gain about your self will be of immense help and guidance in your life.


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