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The Return-A Difficult Threshold

I guess I should check in and let those who visit the forum on a regular basis know that I haven't abandoned the Dream Forum. Normally during the winter months I have a lot of free time and am able to focus my full attention to the Forum and maintaining the Myths-Dreams-Symbols website. During these months the intuitive 'Self' has time to expand and expound, to creative and be creative. The feminine aspect blossoms as would a flower in the spring. Only my spring is in the winter months, and the hot months of July and August.

But this year is different, in two respects. First, my business {I am a self employed fence contractor} is much more busy than usual. There are reasons for that. Perhaps the most important is the 27 years of operating an ethical business that is creating a greater demand for my services, as it should, and as it will when ethics and a desire to do your best are a part of the fiber. That is part of the spiritual aspect, the Jesus thing, Buddha cosnciousness. And it works, I know from experience.

But the work, and attention to business, is demanding and staying on top of everything requires an almost total focus. The feminine definitely suffers, and in my case it is my intuitive Self. When working with dreams I can be very good at interpreting dreams, even when I have to put that normal effort to my job. But when I can really focus on the intuitive, take weeks at a time to put to the creative Self, I can better read dreams. There is a sense about the dream that comes through to my senses. I seemingly have a better understanding of the dream. Looking back on past winters I can see this pattern emerge and during these times of focus I can feel myself fully involved with the dream. This is the bliss.

But now the masculine self is required. Social duty, slaying the dragon, is more a physical task, requiring another universal aspect, the masculine. A greater discipline to the task before me, focusing on achievement, taking control. I am determined, another part of the masculine, to get to that place I wish to be, ready to slay the dragons that society puts on me.

In a second respect I need to put the time required to thinking about, and working toward future financial and life commitments. Not yet having had that rich uncle die and leave me his fortune, I am a working lad, facing the same problems as most. But I can remember from many years back in my early education in Campbell's mythology very vividly Joseph Campbell's words in an interview with Michael Toms The Wisdom of Joseph Campbell about the great demands of the late 20th century placed on us from social duty, just making a living, the ego-centered lives and the conflicts. It tests our true spiritual discipline to be that ethical, caring, compassionate being, that which is represented in myth by the hero metaphor. It is what Campbell called the 'return', returning to social duty, sharing the enlightement that has been {l}earned.

From The Intercultural Sojourn as the Hero's Journey
Crossing the return threshold is also not an easy task. Sometimes the hero returns and her world does not want what she brings. Her old community finds it difficult to use what she brought back, "it doesn't know how to receive it". Apart from difficulties of the hero sharing her boon with her world, she also must come to grips with being a transfigured being in a world that is not. She walks in both worlds. "Freedom to pass back and forth across the world division ... [and] not contaminating the principles of the one with those of the other, yet permitting the mind to know the one by virtue of the other-- is the talent of the master." She is a master of two worlds.

What Level?

Many have asked and I've often wondered myself, 'where am I on my path, at what level have I achieved?'
I think in reality I am on the level of life, particularly that stage of mid-life, coming to terms to where I am and where I want to be. In the moment.
There are distict clues to where I am on my path, the evolution is predictable. But life itself is a level, and to think of achievment, reaching the highest point can only address the micro. I truly believe, and its is evident from the amount of work I have in my business, that by focusing on the spiritual while
having to live within the confines of scocial duty is the right path to the ultimate bliss in life, the creative. I know when I can focus on that creative, intuitive aspect I feel the most alive, in this life.

Do all you can do, and don't worry about the rest. And do it from the heart.

The Dream Forum is Thriving

I can't put into words how much I appreciate the time and effort the Forum contributors have given of themselves. Often when I get in this 'mold' I have to close the Forum because of the number of requests and the energies needed to provide my best when interpreting dreams. I don't like to interpret someone's dream if I can't give the time needed to do it right.
But Kathy, Justin, Steven and others have not only done a terrific job of communicating Jung and providing answers, the number of total posts have increased also. And I see a lot of familiar names on the posts. I think together we have created a great place for others to come to find answers to
some of the hardest questions we have in life.
In a time where we all are seeking identity, having a community we can identify with and be a part of is something special.


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Re: The Return-A Difficult Threshold

Thank you for this article. I skimmed it, printed it and read it thoroughly. It is so relevent to so many things going on in my life. I really appreciated it and found it very serendipitous.

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