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old, strange dream

hi, my sister introduced me to the site, and i have a dream i'd like explained. it's a dream i had a few times when i was little. i couldn't understand it then, and looking at the dream dictionary, it still doesn't make much sense... anyway...

the dream... was a bunch of panda bears flying around in the sky in a bunch of red flying machines(hot air balloons, airplanes, little helicopters) that's it... thinking back on it, i might think that it was simply a child's mind thinking how funny it would be to see... but i had the dream multiple times, and it stuck with me... just wondering your interpretations of it... maybe it was meaningless... but i don't know... thanks

Re: old, strange dream

sounds a lot like a childs cot mobile,

if you have had this dream repeated recently,
it would suggest that a reccuring theme is being played out in your life ,that may have a ref, to that earlier time .
if the images are just something that have stuck with you,
then ,they may help you to connect with that particular time of your life,

what sort of memories do you have if any, relating to your experiences around the time of the dream,that may have relevance now,
hope this helps.
regards steve

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