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strange sexual dream

so lately i've been having very strange dreams... all aspects of them seem to puzzle me... but this one in particular stuck in my head. it's actually only a small detail from a dream. but i thought i would post it... (warning... it IS sexual)

i'm in my room, naked... and i pick up a photo of my friend and i. we're posing nude, sexually... but as a joke. i begin to masturbate to this photo. then i look and see a naked female body laying on the ground. i crawl closer, and feel her skin. as i move up her body, i finally get to the face... and i see that it's me. it doesn't phase me in the dream... and i begin to seduce the female... paying attention to her breasts. in my dream, i myself am being pleasured as i am pleasuring this other "me."

this dream was just so weird to me. i'm not a lesbian or bisexual. but.. i am a very sexual person. any thoughts?

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Re: strange sexual dream

Hi Ray,

I feel like this dream describes to you that perhaps you want to be pleasured the way you pleasure your partner?

At the same time it reminds me of the story of the boy who looked at his reflection in the lake and fell in love with himself. I am sorry if this sounds wrong or upsetting, it is not what I am trying to say in relation to your dream, but perhaps there is some sort of unbalance in your waking sexual life.

Do you feel like your're getting 'enough' in your relationship with your partner etc?

The fact that you're looking at the photo of your friend could represent your arousal, i.e watching someone. Yet I wonder why would you masturbate to the photo? Somehow the photo turns into the reality but instead of a male it is a female, and then you realise it's you. I am sorry I am just thinking aloud. Perhaps you would like 'reality' to become what you're imagining in your dreams, the female is lying on the ground? is it a floor? The ground is your base and your connection to your feelings. The breast, the skin you are touching are feminine symbols, nurturing, tenderness, being in connection with your feelings etc.

Hope any of this helps.....


p.s how did you feel about the dream when you woke up?

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