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killing a mountain lio

my best friend was leading a hike on a fourteener, and one of the people was seperated from the group. He had to send everyone on, and wait to see if this person showed up. It was really windy and cold, so he dug a snow cave, and while he was in it, he fell asleep. He dreamt a mountain lion came in, he killed it with an ice ax, then drug the bloody body (still on the ice ax) down the mountain. does anyone have any ideas on this one? I find it somewhat disturbing.

Re: killing a mountain lio

firstly,this dream sounds like a rite of passage,
in tribal cultures,initiates would undergo a ritual in which they would have to prove them selves,to prove thier courage and status ,usually by going off into the wilderness or up a mountain to seek a vision,or take on and kill a ferocious animal,
lion,bear,dragon etc,and coming back alive.
i would hazzard a guess and say that the dream refers to the experience up the mountain,

in psychological terms
the lion could represent some aspect of the unconscious ,that needed to be claimed,
most animals in dreams are unconscious energies that need to be accepted and consciously assimilated,then will cease to be a threat,either way,it is a real hero's journey ,
and takes courage.
hope this is of help.
regards steve.

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