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Soul-stealing demons

This is a dream I had a few nights after the creepy closet man dream. I feel like they might be connected somehow and working on one will give me clues to the other, which will be good since I'm still thinking about the closet man one, which Kathy really helped me out with. They were both very memorable dreams and have some similarities. I feel like this one is really important, but I can't quite grasp it.

There is a man going down the stairs (vaguely I remember, but I think this is correct)at night. His wife is upstairs. There is a child. I'm not
sure if it is his child or some child that lives there, but the child is possibly on the stairs and sees the man being approached, accosted, really by some demons who hold him down and call forth or suck something forcefully from him. It comes out of his mouth. It is a small beautifully luminescent sphere. As small or smaller than a marble, but perfectly white or off white. Resplendent. They then possess him, inhabit his body where his soul
once was. The child is witness to all of this, but has some sort of speech impediment or impediment to communication and cannot repeat it to the woman
(pretty black woman in her thirties, not sure if she knows something is going on). The child cannot communicate what has happened, but somehow she knows when she sees the small glowing sphere floating up slowly. The man has gone back upstairs, I think by now. By looking at him, it is impossible to tell that he is not himself, that he has evil inside of him. The wife is not aware of this and she will sleep with the demons unknowingly. I know this. The woman, the pretty black woman, her hair pulled back, sees the small sphere dusky, glowing, seeming to be larger than it is because of the light it throws off. She goes towards it slowly, fearful of scaring it away to move up and up more quickly to be lost to the man forever. She approaches it and tries to maneuver it into herself, into her mouth to protect it until a way can be found to make it right, to put it back where it belongs. She tries to do this, but it continues to travel upward slowly, alone
before its time. She then begins to sing, instinctively knowing the exact tone and the words that will call it to her. She sings so beautifully that the small soul cannot resist and it goes toward her and into her mouth where it is enclosed, safe until she can find a way to bring it home. (And while I was writing this the word sorceress came to mind. She is a sorceress?) The poor child knows the man is evil but cannot tell anyone due to his speech impediment.

I feel like it is important that the wife, the woman is never seen, but remains at the top of the stairs, clueless to what is going on down below. Could the stairs represent the bridge between the conscious, clueless me, and the unconscious, where everything is going on?

Also, once again, fear is involved. The young stuttering child is scared and has no voice, really.

I don't know, it just seems too complicated to me. Maybe someone can help.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Soul-stealing demons

Just wondering if everyone forgot about me or just didnt' have anything to say about my dream. Feeling a little left out.
I have always received such good insight here before. I hope someone can help me with it...

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 29 arizona

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Re: Soul-stealing demons

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Apologies I missed your post. I looked at it several times but could not get a clear understanding of the symbolism as several possible interpretations presented. With more personal information possibly the meaning & symbolism would be clearer.

A couple questions...
Are you or have you in past been devoutly religious? (meaning religious rather than spiritual) Are you married and if so, what is the current status of the marriage?


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

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Re: Re: Soul-stealing demons

Thank you for responding. I am just lost with this dream and it seems so important.
Answering your questions, I've had an interesting religious/spiritual journey. I was raised Catholic, left it, then actually when I was married, I began searching for something again, I went from an assortment of christian churches, to Messianic Judaism, to Judaism (I was thinking about converting), Buddhism, and back to Catholicism. For a while, over a year, I was pretty devoutly religious. Now, I believe they all have something to offer, sort of different languages expressing the same thing, but I am no longer religious rather, I am a spiritual person.
So, yes, I was married for 2 years after being together for 4 years. I have been divorced now for 4 years. It took me a long time, but I am now free of that past relationship (and although a gradual process, the joyous moment of realization actually happened quite recently) and I have met someone I really like as well. So, all of this is going on. Also, I am sort of lost or at a loss regarding what I want to do with my life (aren't we all?). Thinking about a career change, a return to school for my masters, a move, and long-awaited travel abroad. Basically, I'm a mess, but messily content and immersed in life, at least. Oh well. That's my story.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 29 arizona

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Re: Soul-stealing demons

Thank you ever so much for your patience. Once again I’m involved in several work projects and life events that require rational mind at the forefront. When I focus on the rational the intuitive takes a major hit. It takes some time to bring the intuitive forward once again. As before several (personal, spiritual and self development) possible interpretations present in this dream. The symbolism ‘feels’ multi faceted hence the prior questions. I had hoped to narrow down the interpretation although with your answers all three remain possibilities. Your answers provided better insight although I ‘think’ confirmed that this dream is dealing with all three areas. So…bear with me as this is lengthy.

To answer your question – Yes. The upstairs /downstairs could represent your conscious/unconscious with stairs the bridge between the two. Following are spiritual and personal interpretations, all which involve the aspect of Inner Self and development.

Possibly the man symbolizes the past patriarchal religious theology. This indoctrination remains in the unconscious although consciously you have chosen a more spiritual path. The demons may represent the different religious then spiritual paths you sought, all ‘threaten’ to steal the prior Catholicism dogma presented as the soul. The child may be those learned negative ‘God’ fears (blasphemy, idolater, sin, punishment, etc, etc.) indoctrinated in youth that go against the self divined spiritual path you now recognize. The fear a result of those ‘punishments’ supposedly meted out to those that leave the prescribed religion. Being unable to communicate through speech impediment could be, again, fear of leaving those childhood religious teachings still held in the conscious and unconscious minds. That the unconscious recognizes those learned religious teachings are not valid hence silences the voice of fear and religious upbringing.

The higher feminine in spirituality, the sorceress, recognizes this spiritual path is your inner path and shows the feminine can lead the spiritual healing, receive and properly care for the ‘soul’ until a time is reached when this inner conflict is resolved. A time when an integration of the new spiritual ideals are in the Psyche of both conscious and unconscious. Intercepting or interceding on the stairs thereby signifying these thoughts no longer belong in the unconscious. This higher feminine signifies it is the proper aspect to carry out this integration. Innately knowing exactly the song, tone and words to bring forth this new path. By bringing this to consciousness, that higher spirituality resides in the feminine aspect, this would enable the male aspect to relive itself of the past religious teachings, now the demons within.

That religious dogma is not a part of the spiritual path may be shown by his ascending the stairs, possessed of demons, to rejoin the other feminine aspect portrayed by your fear in the dream. But the integration is necessary and the spiritual resides in the higher feminine until integration is complete. Only then can the masculine be entrusted to participate in the self divined spiritual path of the Inner Self.

Personal one:
The changes or new directions you’re contemplating may also be presented in the dream. Dreams invariably reflect major life changes and directions. On this level, perhaps the dream is portraying some unconscious fears or uncertainties about the new directions you desire. Possibly showing reliance on the feminine aspects, those intuitive messages, will rightly guide you. Even though I’m intuitive, accepting and relying on this aspect many times is difficult as the conscious ego constantly hammers at the Self with the ‘social’. Those societal expectations and the ‘be a good girl and do what you were taught’, that voice of doubt pushing for what the ego wants in battle of what the intuitive knows is the real path. Learning to listen to the voice of your Inner Self, the intuitive, will enable you to make those decisions based on the path you were truly meant to travel as opposed to the path society constantly imposes upon you.

Personal two:
Although it’s been four years since your marriage concluded and you feel the realization you may continue to carry unconscious issues from the marriage and former husband. I’ve been divorced ten years and feel I will always need to examine and address deep personal issues from the past marriage relationship. Marriage is, in my thoughts, the most intimate of personal relationships. And not due to the sexual aspect. For me the emotional, spiritual and intellectual bonds formed in marriage are so deeply carved into the Psyche that they remain throughout the lifetime.

In this perhaps the dream addresses the new relationship in context to the past relationship. An unconsciously held belief of the negative masculine aspects, demons, that reside rather than positive masculine aspects. That perhaps you felt vulnerable or helpless in some aspect in regards to both the past & (unconsciously in) the current relationship. This may be the reliance on outer males for one or more masculine aspects. The dream may symbolize the higher feminine as the tool to integrate these positive male aspects into the Psyche to achieve the balance you desire and require. Perhaps fear of once again becoming dependant on an outer masculine, or even trust issues, (the fearful child who can not communicate), whose source may have been developed in childhood. As it may also be symbolic of your relationship to your father or other male adult figure in childhood.

As always, dream interpretations can be close or not. It depends on what YOU feel is relevant to your life, your Self and the dream. Please respond with your thoughts about the dream and interpretations. Even if the interpretations are completely off. I value the input and feedback we receive here as it assists all the participants here at the Forum.

Thanks! again for your patience and additional information. Hopefully, in a few weeks I can wrap up these ‘rational mind’ projects and return the intuitive to the forefront.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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