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lion, family

Hi everyone,

my last dream post was 'war' and it was about the inner conflict and fear, a question raised by Kathy 'to look deep inside and see what it is I fear'was raised in the last post as well.

I had two dreams lately which may answer these?
One was where I dreamt of my father leaving the house, leaving us, the family.

I never dreamt so strongly about him, and my father rarely appeared in my dream in person, could my fear of him leaving be a true one, i am not sure, could it symbolise something within me, a father symbol of protection, care, control...
My father was separated from my mother few years back, he lived away, but later my parents decided to get back together.

Then my latest dream was about a lion. My closest family of my mother, father, brother and me, were in some public park, and there I think was a lion, although I don't seem to remember the image of the lion so strongly, there could have been some pigeons, which the lion attacked. And after the lion seemed to attack this white dog, which looked like a white fox, I think he prepared to eat him.

We all walked away after sitting on the bench and watching it, fearing it would attack us.

I think both these dreams may be addressign my personal fears/wants as well as some family issues???

any help would be appreciated


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Re: lion, family

Hi Magda,
Starting with the second dream as the two dreams could be related. As always, could be close or then not…

Perhaps this describes a need to avoid initiating or engaging in conflict, perhaps with your immediate family. In past have you, perhaps unconsciously, put yourself in situations in which you willingly become a ‘victim’ (pigeon) which acted to disrupt your inner Self. Outwardly this may appear as a display of your strength. Although true strength is an inner component, an ability to weigh a decision or action prior to engaging, in combination with an ability to meet another half way or even to withdraw from conflict when the ‘battle’ is found to be not righteous, honorable or just.

“Where cunning has force before it, there is conflict.”
I Ching, Richard Wilhelm translation, 1950

In this perhaps the dream of your father leaving represents a need to acknowledge, develop and integrate an internal authority animus aspect. Possibly by developing an impartial inner authority and uniting with this aspect by paying it proper attention it aligns within and provides the discipline and control you require to avoid initiating or engaging in conflicts that disrupt.

Many thanks,

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Re: lion, family

Thanks Kathy,

I need to think about this one more, I will reply later, but am not sure if I was 'initiating' in my family in the past etc


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 23 Melbourne Australia

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