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death dream

i am new to this and was just checking out the web site and reading some of the other posts and was intrigued: i had a strange dream last night and was wondering what u thought. to help and understand me i am having a hard time in my marrage and am wanting to get a divorce and he is not aware of it.

i drempt that i was traveling in an rv with my parents who are divorced, my 2 year old daughter, and my grandparents both of whom are decesed. the grandparents were driving and the rest of us were just hanging out in the back, we crashed and my grandparents were kill instantly and the rest of us were ok -- the next thing i remember was telling my dad not to look that they were already gone as i had already went and checked, not gorey just no pulse, the next thing i remember i was waking up and did not feel overly stressed but felt it might mean something.
thanks for any insight

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Re: death dream

Welcome to the Dream Forum. I hope you take time to explore the many pages at Myths-Dreams-Symbols. There is a lot of info, not only about dreams but also mid-life issues {you are approaching that age of mid-life 35-55} and spirituality.

About your dream.
The symbolism in your dream may be addressing the wisdom {grandparents}aspect within your psyche. This wisdom part of you may not be functioning as it should {grandparents killed in crash}, perhaps because you have not informed your husband of your desire to divorce, or your are questioning the wisdom of a divorce and the effect it will have on everyone. Everyone else {the other aspects of your psyche - go here to learn more about these different aspects} being ok from the wreck may indicate you are going about your life with these desires and acting as if everything is ok, even though your life is in a wreck over your discontentment about your marriage.

The dream may also be addressing your own experience when your parents divorced {this is in the back of your mind, the experience still hanging around}and the effect it may have had on you. This could be the reason your daughter is the dream, your unconscious concern a divorce would have on her. If you divorce that would definitely cause a 'crash' in your life and will affect everyone in your life.

I assume you have questioned yourself about whether to tell your husband about the divorce but the 'crash' that it may cause on your daughter and others has held you back from doing so. Is the case?


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Re: death dream

ok, that was a great insight without not knowing alot about me, i believe that you are right in the fact that i keep going on like everything is ok when infact i am tore up inside, we have been married for 10 years and got married under strange circumstances, we got married just to get him on my insurance after dating for 2 years, i agree i have been putting things off as far as telling him for lots of reasons, the bigest being our daughter, i feel terrible guilt over breaking up a family even though it is not really a happy family at this time and i feel that the older she gets the worse it will get and she will feel that, i think back on my parents divorce which happened after 23 years of marriage, i was 21. i see now that my mom wasn't happy for a long time and stayed for us(my sister 4 years younger that me) my and my husband have discussed divorce about 3 months ago and aggreed that we would probably get along good we have always been great friends just not the best lovers, i am just having a hard time getting the job done, there is always the financial aspect of it but that stuff usually works itself out. anyway i could go on for ever, you really did put some of my thoughts into words and that helped - you said some of the same things my friends have said but hearing it from someone completely unbiased makes a difference.
thanks again,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 32, indiana

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Re: death dream

just a small note. I would have never been this into it or as smart as some of these people on here might seem to be, but as for the dream, i would have thought it just meant you miss your grandparents. As for your marriage,I have been telling you that you need to be happy, you are your first priority. Do what you know is right. love ya.

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