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My dentist told me I should wear a brace for some time to solve a problem with one of my teeth...

Last night I dreamed of this:
I was in his studio and he was pulling one of my teeth. I felt no pain. Then, where the tooth was missing, he put an Allen key.
Also, while I was there, I saw a man taken there by the police, I tought that guy had been arrested or something and needed a dentist, but of course they were afraid he could run away, so they accompanied him. Anyway, after they entered the studio, they locked the door.

I'm pretty puzzled by this dreams, especially the locked door, the police and that Allen key.

What do you think? Any idea?

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Re: Dentist

I get the intuitive impression from the symbolism in your dream that you are seeking 'equilibrium' or balance in your life. Allen keys are six sided and the number six often represents a search for balance. It also can symbolize conflict. The dentist may represent the instrument that helps alleviate this conflict. And since dentists often symbolize pain, your conflict may have to do with some type of personal pain. Perhaps something is missing in your life. Or perhaps you are running away from something in your life that has caused you pain and have locked yourself away from future encounters of this type.

Teeth often symbolize decisions that one must make. It also represents the power to control such decisions. There may be a deep seeded reason to the conflicts that keep you from attaining the equilibrium you seek in life.


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Re: Dentist

Thank you for your help. I think you're right. And I have the impression the message is recurring... in fact, last night I dreamed that I was literally straitjacketed by some guy (I don't know who he was). I can't remember any reaction to that. I see myself at the entrance of a shop, in a recess, I'm not in, just in front of the door. Then I see another guy inside the shop, who's wearing a straitjacket, just like me, but he manages to get out of it somehow, but then I realize that his straitjacket was fake, it was just a joke to make fun of me or so. The people walking by look at me and say nothing, they don't help me, as if it was normal for them or there was nothing odd with my condition.
What do you think?

Re: Dentist

Can anyone help me with the above mentioned dream? Thank you in advance!

Re: Dentist

straightjacket could be that which limits, confines or represses an aspect of the Inner Self. A personal jail of sorts. In some way are you placing limits on yourself or holding back from moving in a specific direction? Standing in the recess may symbolize pausing on the threshold . Looking in, getting out of it, may be looking inside your Self and unconscious acknowledgement you can remove this self limitation, confinement or repression. That his jacket is fake may be literal showing this Self imposed limitation is but a notion or idea that you’ve come to believe yet is not real. The joke may symbolize deeply held emotions which tie to this belief or that this is an emotionally weighty message. Perhaps this is common or ‘normal’ throughout the outer social so it’s viewed as not requiring change. Or that the actual issue is derived from learned outer social or such experience.

Perhaps the unconscious is asking you to look inside to determine your personal truth about the issue or event. That in doing so you can work to free yourself from what ever is holding you back from a direction you desire or need to move into for personal growth.

Hope this helps.

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