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Coffin with dead body inside in my livingroom

Hi All,

I'm fairly good at interpreting my own dreams, however, this dream happened years ago and it still haunts me today. I have never really figured it out other than I feel it has something to do with me, "something has died within me?????"

In this dream I am awake and aware of everything. It starts off during the daylight hours and I am watering my plants in the living room. I am aware of this dead body in a coffin in front of a large mirror I have. I made reference to myself in the dream of, "who is this person and where is her family?"

It is now late evening and this overwhelming loud sound is going off. I have had several dreams before of sound but this one takes the cake. It was like extremely loud thunder. I started to get scared of this dead body in the coffin and started to chant, "HU". I used to follow a soul travelling path that used the word "HU" for chanting. My daughter is with me and she is whirling around a toy to distract my fear. I was thinking to myself in the dream, "Am I suppose to show her to the other side or what?" The sound is still overpowering,it's so loud! And then the floor boards start to rip up from the floor in my home, almost like the coffin is leaving or something. Then I woke up.

I have never been able to get this experience out of my thoughts. If it helps - I have no family. I walked away from the remaining siblings a quite a few years ago because of abuse.

I know through experience that when a dream has worked itself out, it no longer hinders me, however, this one still does. It seems like it is the past because of the chanting word I used. Why would it still bother me?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Coffin with dead body inside in my livingroom

Hi kd,
Sorry this is much delayed. Some thoughts follow.

This may describe an unconscious direction for conscious self work (daylight, watering plants) in recognition of a need for self growth and development. The mirror could be a symbol for reflection of Self, this is you, and awareness time here is limited as we all physically die. Perhaps the sound is the signal from the unconscious to get your attention focused on the importance of the issue. Late evening may symbolize the issue is due to be resolved and or that it may pertain to advancing mid life or old age. The fear may be of old age, the infirmities that can accompany this stage or leaving behind those unresolved personal issues with family. Perhaps in the dream your daughter represents your inner child, that which when nurtured and given proper place in your Psyche will prevent disruption to the foundation of your Self and support your positive growth and work to resolve the issue. That this aspect, the inner child, is not afraid seems to be an important point of the dream. Perhaps indicating dancing around a problem that needs attention while not taking it seriously, as in toying with it. Exactly what the issue is only you can discover.

Please let me know your thoughts & if this gets you closer to understanding the dream & issue it presents.

Many thanks,

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