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White Crocodile

I had a dream this morning about my sister, she was swimming in the canal at our old house, I told her to get out several times, then I got busy doing something else. Then someone walked through the gate I didb't recognize them they looked in the canal and asked if she should be swimmng in the canal? I went over to the see wall and looked down and a huge white crocodile came up from out of the water and grabbed my sister. I jumped in and grabbed it by the tail.
I was strange that even when it had a hold of her she was afraid to speak and tell me the croc had her. I woke up terrified and called my mother. Please help!

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Re: White Crocodile

This dream may desrive some aspect or trait of your sister that you, perhaps not recognized by the conscious but held in the unconscious, also possess. The relationship with your sister as conduit (canal) of connection to this, the unconscious (water), something in past or former state of Self (our old house). Conscious rejection of this aspect or trait as male societal or ego takes precedence.

Perhaps a passage, opportunity or (walked through the gate), that your conscious does not see or understand. Questioning this opportunity in that you may have doubts about this aspect or trait as a part of yourself.

The sea wall may represent a barrier that separates or prevents this trait or aspect from conscious and unconscious, trying to see past this division. Perhaps you do not perceive this as a part of yourself and may be somewhat judgmental of this same aspect or trait in your sister.

From MDS Dream Dictionary:
White - White may symbolize purity and innocence, peace, happiness, joy; in the East it is associated with death and mourning.

Perhaps following, tailing, in the steps of your sister. Or refusing to conform to this and working to overcome it. The last sentence may identify this aspect or trait in that fear of speaking your mind or asking for assistance when attacked or faced with a difficult situation.

Perhaps look to your life events and relationship with your sister and at her traits and habits. Especially the days prior to the dream. Then examine your similarities and differences to see if this interpretation fits within that context. Of course, it may not. If you get an Aha! feeling then it's relevant. If not, perhaps with some additional information we can look at it again.


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Re: White Crocodile


one thing I would like to add: "Crocodiles" normally are not white, it is not their natural color. If animals appear as "white" in a dream, this can represent an archetypal quality of the species. It is not "a" crocodile, but "The" crocodile, an archetypal manifestation of this energy.

I furthermore would relate the "crocodile" with instinctual energies, perhaps of the 2nd chakra, also with the Kundalini energy. Our instinctual energies sometimes in dreams appear as "snakes" or such cold-blooded animals, which follow a "fight-or-flight"pattern.

Good luck

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