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Hi Gerard,
Here's the dream that has me completely bewildered.
I am looking at a warehouse in an European countryside (I've never been there). The property is deserted, it is early winter (dry and cold). I am thinking about what it will look like in the spring after I begin planting flowers. I walk (3 steps) to crossover a small creek type bridge. In the spring water would flow underneath the bridge but for now there are dead penguins on either side of the little bridge and I have to step over them. Once accross, I begin walking back towards the building that is surrounded by an old worn out iron fence. The gate is broken and left open. I watch 3 little ducks with mud on their head like a helmut walk out single file thru the opening in the fence leaving the property.

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Re: Ducks

Your dream presented a problem in reading it so I broke it down by symbols and I think I have some clue to the meaning. Let's see if this makes any sense for you.

The warehouse is where you store memories and experiences. These may be unconscious. The European countryside may be those memories/experiences that you have not yet explored fully or have not recognized. If this is so then they may be memories/experiences from the past you have stored away and do not want to recognized. The property would some aspect of who you are and it has been abandoned. There may be signs of depression but your positive self is strong and resists. Consciously you keep a positive attitude but unconsciously, or deep inside you have negative emotions. You have to step over the inner emotions to keep going. You keep going back toward these experiences/memories because you have locked them in. But you know you must let them out to precipitate an inner cleansing. These emotions need the freedom to be expressed and not kept hidden. They must be acknowledged, let out.

Does this fit anywhere into your life? I can only surmise to the possibilities, only you can connect the dots since it involves personal experiences that only you know about.

Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can get closer to the dream message.


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