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In my dream i was a mute...

I am in a building from my childhood, surrounded by my present friends, but i feel distant. I look down at a piece of paper in front of me, it says a lot about hatred of a person who hangs around in my life like a bad smell. It refers to a previous dream that i can't remember. I think and I remember that I was in this building to do a Math exam when i finished early and wrote down some of my feeling. Mum comes past and I hide what I have written, she then goes away. Suddenly I am in a neo-gothic restoration church looking out the window at an extremely happy park with playing children and lush green grass, bathed in the golden glow of sunlight. The sky is bright blue. I walk down the stairs, into the park and begin to record what I see on a piece of paper. Mum comes along with another woman making comments about the environment. Ironically, she remarks about how cold it is and I agree and write it down. We then go to a horse ranch nearby and all the horses have either 'H' or 'F' written on their hooves. The woman makes a comment and I write it down. My mother and I are then suddenly inside the house of the horse and my mother is talking to my father about the random comments of the woman. When she talks about the horses hooves, He asks her if she knew what it meant and points to the wall. Then everyone is gone and I am looking at a record in a frame that says ‘Hot Fury’. Throughout the entire dream I remain silent.

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Re: In my dream i was a mute...


That in the dream you feel distant even when surrounded by your friends followed by the message of hatred would seem to describe the main issue.

The math exam may refer to analytical rather than emotional. Perhaps pointing to use reason to examine your emotions and the underlying cause. Hiding your feelings from your mother & the happy park scene may indicate that you hide this side of yourself in hopes these emotions will go away and everything will be ok.

Recording everything may refer to your unconscious mind. The unconscious records everything most importantly what the conscious mind filters out. Your Mum's comment on the opposite of the actual enviournment may show the unconscious knowledge that what you think something is may really be it's opposite. And Hot Fury may be the opposite. Where you consciously think some think is 'Hot Fury' could really be cold indifference, which is at the base of and carries the issue. (hooves)

This dream may be dealing with some type of anger, internal or external, you may be experiencing and how it affects your relationships with others, possibly your Mum and or friends. And how by not learning a healthy method of expression it becomes internally cold indifference.

Hope this helps. As always, dream interpretation could be close or not. Look to your waking life and see if any of the interpretation is relevant. Let me know what you think & if this seems to fit.


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