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Geyser and other stuff

One night with several dreams.

We're in Iceland. My husband and I see a geyser from a distance. We're on a beach or something like that, with a lot of other people. This geyser is bubbling and steaming... at a certain point, for 2 or 3 seconds, it stops, after that it becomes higher, massive, one hundred times higher, everyone starts running, panicking, screaming, the jets and spouts come down fast, they burn people here and there, my husband, even me but just a little. Our car was not far from there, in a parking lot with many other cars, so we couldn't drive away. I was puzzled because my husband tried to take cover running away without caring about me, or so it seemed. That's not something he would do of course.

Classroom in a high school.

Outdoor, I talk to one of my ex classmates from junior high school, he would sit next to me for a year or two, all my ex classmates are there, they talk to one another, maybe it's a reunion. He talks to me and tells funny things and I say, while walking away from him (because I had to take something), "you have not changed".

I enter the school again to look for a calculator which I couldn't find anymore, I think it was the last day of school. The building is empty, I see something on the floor, and I get closer to see if it's there. It is not there, but I see a basket and I realize that under my right foot I have a lot of pins.

In a bar with some ex school mates, all females.
They are arranging some night out. I ask where they are going to. A girl says something like "come with us". I'm rather bothered and answer "I don't think so. You've been arranging nights out for 2 years or so and never invited me. The message's clear".
I'm really bothered. We leave the bar. Two boys approach us and they hold a hose and soon we are all wet. I guess they didn't mean to involve me in this joke, I say nothing, but then I see that she's walked away and one of the boys is laughing and still wetting me. That's the final straw. I look at him, I knock him down, I punch his head several times, I bang his head against the asphalt, and throw his head in a puddle. He looks dead.

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Re: Geyser and other stuff


The first dream may be describing a release or venting (geyser) of some negative emotion (hot water). Possibly towards your husband. Do you feel stuck in some situation in your life and that perhaps your husband is not supporting you in this? Or perhaps this negative emotion is directed at your husband which seems to affect both he and you together (he's burned & you a little bit).

The second dream may be related to the first. Again it appears some negative emotion is at work in the dream. That possibly you feel ignored or left out of some important aspect in someone(s) life. Could be husband, friends, etc. The calculator may symbolize adding up those ittle things that bother you or perhaps a reference to 'do the math'. The basket and pins under right foot could be again those little things that annoy you or having to carry something underfoot all the time.

Maybe the last scene shows that those negative emotions could be resolved by a the joining of the feminine aspects. As this is rejected the emotions should be cooled down, (all wet), or that some masculine aspect is the source. The ending may show you've reached the end of the line with this situation and are ready to act although the current course of action may be too severe and leave either you or another irreparably harmed as a result.

If this seems to fit with issues in your waking life then perhaps working toward a solution is the next step. If this interpretation doesn't seem to fit then perhaps think about what the dream could mean. Let me know what you think.


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Re: Geyser and other stuff

Thanks Kathy, I guess you're probably right

I liked your interpretation... I had some intuitions, but I was not sure about other details...

You're great!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 33

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