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I killed Someone

I had a dream that someone came into my apartment and tried to attack my sister and I. He pulled a knife on us and somehow I had one also and stabbed the guy, a couple times....I think he died, I'm pretty sure he died actually.

I ran to the phone and dialed 911...but hung up when someone answered...I wasn't sure whether I should call a lawyer first..

Some people appeared and were threatening to call the police, so I decided to call them myself. Againn I dialed 911 and hung up thinking I really should call a lawyer first...

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Re: I killed Someone


Your dream may describe conscious attitudes under attack by an unconscious masculine aspect or feeling threatened, either psychologically, verbally or even physically, by someone or something. Possibly masculine type aggression, anger or violence that you also possess and use as a defense.

From MDS Dream Dictionary:
Stabbing - A stabbing is sometimes a symbol of deep anger or aggression. Identify that person or cause of the anger or aggression. The stranger may be some part of yourself, you are stabbing yourself for some reason.

Do you dislike someone, something or an aspect of your Self that is in conflict in your life? Perhaps calling 911 symbolizes a call for help. Perhaps you feel you are in a defensive position or fear judgment from your Self or others. Wanting to counsel from a lawyer could signify you desire to seek advice or guidance on the situation or your conduct as you question where you really stand on a this specific issue, maybe seeking an outside perspective.

Examine the days prior to the dream for conflict, external, internal or both, to determine exactly what the issue is. Then perhaps you can begin to resolve this issue. Please respond with your thoughts.


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