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Door frame on fire?

Had a strange dream and looking for clarity if available. In my dream, my door at my house was open and the door frame was on fire. The flames were all the way around and very small. The flames were maybe an inch or two and it wasn't growing or smoking. A hand/arm appeared and tapped the top of the door frame a few times with a piece of wood about the size of a ruler.

Yesterday prior to this I had a long standing financial issue resolved; my vehicle was repossesed. I had been robbed by the car dealer 9 years ago, a source of much contention and been paying on it ever since. 17k vehicle and paid over 37k. After paying a lease then a loan, I still had a balance when the loan matured. It has been like extortion from day one. Not sure the implications of the dream; I have a new job after many years of poverty getting my doctorate. Any insight appreciated.

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Re: Door frame on fire?

The house is you. What qualities, aspects {personality/ego and psychological}, attitudes frames who you are? It may have to do with personality {frame}. The outer self as opposed to the inner self of 'intuitiveness'.

Flame could symbolize transformation. Any changes being comptemplated? Since the house is open you may be at least partically consciously aware of what the transformations in your life are. What occupies your thinking the most as of late? It may be something you are considering, something that may cause tarnsformations in your life.

The top of the door frames may represent your thinking self, and/or the conscious self {awareness}. Again, what's on your mind, what inner conflicts/experiences as well as outer conflicts/exper. are you navigating? The ruler may have to do with judging, or measuring something having to do with your life. Are there decisions that you need to make, or you are comptemplating? What transformations are about in your life?

Look at the dream dictionaries to better help you understand what the symbols {I refer to in my interpretation} may represent in your life. If you find somethging that better fits who really are, then see where that leads. Compare the dream to your life, waking and unconsciously {dreams}.


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Re: Door frame on fire?

Hi Bob

I have been off the air for some time and just now looked back over some of the MDS posts ,,,

There is some interesting symbols in your dream - sespecially the door frame on fire.
In the Hindu world there is the representation of a ring of fire ,,,, also reminds me of Johnny Cash song (written by his wife ,,, ).
The ring of fire is shown just as you describe - short flames that don't grow or seem to smoke. The meaning relates to destruction and creation.

If you would like to know more, post on the site
I hope you hard times are settling.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: Brisbane Australai 47

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