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atonement with the father theme.

hi gerard and all,
i would value your expertise in clearing up a few problems i have with this recurring dream.
i keep seeing the same theme,the atonement with the father,
i don't know if i have just become bogged down in joseph campbell world.
the dream,
i am in a starwars type spaceship enviroment,
finding my way through a complex of tunnels and corridors,i arrive at a huge open hanger door.
i enter , the huge doors slide shut,i am trapped.
i tie a tether around my waist as there is zero gravity,i float up and hover in mid air,it is very relaxing almost like meditating.
christopher walken appears,
he is the arch angel gabriel from the prophesy trilogy movies.
he cuts my tether and pulls me down,
i realize now that he has tremendous supernatural power,i feel powerless to fight against it,
i call for protection,a blue/white aura surrounds me ,
a female voice tells me to play the game, i will be alright.
gabriel approaches me,he tells me what he expects me to do,(i don't remember the details).
i reply i will do what you ask,as long as you set me free.
as i mentioned, the motifs etc are very similar to joseph campbells,atonement with the father,
i don't have a problem with this symbolism appearing in dreams,as it is something i am well aware of in a literary sense,
any thoughts would be very much appreciated,
regards steve.

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Re: atonement with the father theme.

Hi Steve,
You mention this theme is reoccurring. In your examination of the masculine & feminine principles which do you place on a higher level, spiritually and as component of Inner Self?

Perhaps the dream indicates a reexamination of this. In that at the ultimate, the source, the All, neither exists without the other, that while in this existance they are different energies to be brought together, they are interdependant and equal. Heaven, the male aspect- the Creative, & Earth, the female aspect - the Receptive, when in harmony are able to bring about a union of duality, Heaven on Earth...Individuation of the Self. And that actually, they are one in the same...

Just a thought...

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Re: Re: atonement with the father theme.

hi kathy,
i just can't think straight at the moment,
i think that there is sound advice in your words,
maybe i am trying to find a state of mind or being,that is free,
for me there is no such place,there is a war going on,and the battle field is my mind.
i am at loggerheads with what i think i see and what really is,time will heal the rift i am sure,
this was verified in the dream i had this morning,
i mention it not really for any interpretation,but more of an example that the truth will out.
the dream
i am searching for a set of three keys,
they are hidden inside a square block of stone,
the code for opening the stone is GEORGE,
in the dream ,i work out the numerical value of each letter,which turns out to be the combination to open the stone.
it opens,and miracle upon miracle,its empty!
all that remains is a key holder in the shape of a trequela,or trininty ,like the one off charmed,
i am told that the keys lies in america.
interestingly enough,the numerical value of the letters in george add up to 3,and using the same method for america,even usa, both add to 5 the number of change.
wether there is any credability in this finding i'm not sure but when my mind settles down ,i will dig a bit deeper,

anyway thanks for your wisdom
regards steve

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Re: atonement with the father theme.

Hi Steve
I was struck by the tethering, (to keep you linked, to stop you floating off), by the 'supernatural' pull back to 'reality' to play the game (of life) as advised by the feminine,,,, that the real task is to play the game of life - it will be alright. Any your 'bargain' ,,, I'll do what you want , as long as you set me free. It seems to describe the way things pretty well,
Any thoughts ?

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