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Hi, I don't know why no one ever responds to my posts. So far I have posted lots of dreams, and only got a response to ONE dream. I am wondering if there is something I'm missing? Maybe someone can fill me in? I got the message that we are not supposed to post more than one dream at a time, so I thought that was why.....but still none of my dreams have been responded to except ONE. Also, I looked at the last few pages and I am the ONLY person it seems like who isn't getting any dream responses. Can someone help me understand why that is? It is so disheartening to post dreams time after time, especially nightmares and to get no response. I'm sure anyone in my place would feel the same way too. I'm not going to post anymore since no one answers. It sort of hurts my feelings. I thought maybe I'm expected to respond to other peoples dreams first? But I am really new at this and honestly don't know enough at this point. I thought that it was because I posted six dreams at one time? But even then it wouldn't be too hard to just pick one to respond too. Is it because all my dreams are too weird for anyone to relate too? Well, that would hurt too. I just want to know why at this point no one responds. Its not like my dream themes are totally mystifying to people who have been analysing dreams. And It's impacted my life. I thought this was a forum where we could post our dreams and have people offer their insight? If it was happening to other people too I would care, as much, or feel as hurt. I'm really sorry for sending this post, but I do feel hurt and am wondering if I'm missing something here????

So, I guess I will stop posting since it looks like my dreams are not so welcome here. I'm really sad about that, I checked this site daily hoping for insight but I guess that isn't going to happen. I've also asked for help numerous times and no one has bothered to say why they didn't respond, or even try, except ONLY ONCE!. Why, why is this happening only too me? Well, my feelings are hurt and I am confused. No wonder I'm having dreams about being abandoned.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 35

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May, I apologize you’ve not received a response to your posts. You may notice there are other dreams out there that also have not received a response. For my part, I apologize to everyone who has not received a response & hope I can devote some time & intuition to this later tonight. Please know that regular contributors all have other commitments and sometimes they must take precedence. Fewer responses right now are not intentional. Everyday survival is an issue for everyone.

For myself I must say I’m currently experiencing a ‘intuition deficit’ where ‘weird’ nervous energy is playing havoc with my intuitive sense. I’m an intuitive so this is not a normal state of being for me & it’s unsettling. And I desire to provide interpretations that are relevant and supportive to the dreamer. While in this state it’s difficult to accomplish. This weird energy? Don’t know but hopefully it’ll disperse soon…

Several additional work projects that require additional rational mind energies got thrown my way in Dec & Jan. Both are wrapping up. Then last week I began interviewing for a different job at my current employer which would be great as it’s fewer hours (part time) with more $$. Thought I had blown that interview only to be called back for a second & final interview set for later this week. This week my task list includes, in addition to my regular full time job, develop a fiscal year plan to meet three main objectives, a 3 on 1 group interview, find a part time job, complete & publish the final draft of a newsletter AND prepare for & speak at an OSU graduate school as part of a guest panel. (I do find the last item a bit intimidating as I dropped out of college, the others on the panel all have degrees and those attending the conference are working on masters and doctoral degrees. Why me?? Can only be myself, do my best & be happy with it.) This PARTIALLY explains the nervous energy but not entirely. I’m normally a ‘multi-tasking’ personality capable of accomplishing a larger than average work load. Nothing new there. So, why the intuition block and abundance of nervous energy? Not sure yet…

I intended to catch up on the Forum this past weekend however woke Sat with an overload of ‘weird’ energy. Even blew off a class I was to attend. And I don’t blow off classes or commitments…ever. Spent the day catching up on ‘mindless’ chores…house & yard work. Then on my Bliss. Thought maybe I needed a mental break & Bliss time. Thought I’d spend Sunday morning on the Forum. (It’s a favorite Sunday morning activity…) Nope, intuition…blocked. So, spent the ENTIRE day & evening on self work. THAT must be it. Inner Self needs some attention, have been forgoing Self work time. Nope, as of this morning still ‘unsettled’. Can only hope once I get past the ‘chaos’ of this week the intuition will return.

Your patience is gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

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i to am sorry that your dreams have not recieved the attention you would like,
i have been out of action recently due to a virus,and work load,
i have found it almost impossible to get my head round any dream stuff because of this.
we all try to help as best we can,i am no expert in dream interpretation,and i can only respond if i think i spot something,
i feel that kathy is absolutly brilliant at what she does, and is a cornerstone at mds when gerard is busy,
i hope you can bear with us,as someone will give their thoughts,
regards steve.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 50

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Dear Kathy and Steve,

Thanks so much for your emails. I really really appreciated them, and felt much better after reading them. I just needed to know what was going on. Thank you and good luck with all your endeavors. (Kathy, you sound soooo busy!!! Best of luck!)

Thanks again,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 35

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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