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Death of my uterus

Good Morning,
I'm reading Arnie Mindell's "The Shaman's Body"
and I'm getting ready to move to another state.
Here is my dream.
I see a little glass dome in front of me and notice that my uterus is in it. It is in the shape of a heart and has roots. I see that it is dead and I remove it from the dome, salt it and hang it to dry so that I can put it in a medicine bag.
A female doctor comes in and say's that her uterus is dead as well. I look at hers (under a little dome) and see that it is vibrating with life. It has color and it's roots are alive and well. I tell her that her uterus is very much alive.
I'm thinking that this dream has to do with accepting a death of myself in one form, and a willingness to move on.
any ideas?

Re: Death of my uterus


I would only add that the dream seems to signify that the old you will remain a part of you as you move into the new form of Self. And that by preserving this former Self, salting it & hanging to dry, it will serve you in it's proper place, the medicine bag, in the new form.

The feminine, the female doctor, may not yet recoginze this inner healing and transformation however the unconscious reinforces the willingness and desire, that in essence you have already moved on.

Many thanks,

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Re: Death of my uterus

oh! yes I see now that the doctor did not recognize her own life force. That doc. was the red head in greys anatomy'on t.v. I also remembered that the dead uterus was very small -medicine bag size- after I salted it so it was easy to put in a little bag. it was crystalized and white. I had hung it in the sun to dry. kind of cool when I think about it. I will note in my journal that the older uterus energy is somehow going with me. I like this thought. I love the symbolism of the uterus..always have. Perhaps it will show up again in another form. This aging business is tricky.
thanks to you Kathy

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