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dreams foretelling future events?

I am wondering peoples’ thoughts about the possibility of a dream warning of a future event and how one might know.

For a couple of weeks I have personally been remembering my dreams exponentially more than what is typical for me. There is, in fact, only one other time in my life that I have remembered so many. Last time it was summer. I have always thought it had something to do with not having to be chained to an alarm. My kids were out of school and we were not on any particular schedule. I realized at some point during the fall that the nightly dream memories had stopped.

I mentioned to a friend that I was dreaming a lot and she said that a lot of people had a spike in their awareness of their dreams before 9/11. I looked back in my journals and was surprised to see that the summer I previously spoke of was 2001.

Besides the increase in dreams the dream I posted on the 23rd stands out I have interpreted on a personal level but am wondering if it could also be a future warning.
I have no Jungian background. I interpret my dreams instinctively and always apply everything to my internal life. I have never before thought of a dream as foretelling a future event and doubt the one in question is doing that. I am just curious as to others thoughts and or experiences.

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Re: dreams foretelling future events?

Hi Gia,
I have been thinking about this as well. Journals are great to reference aren't they? I do think that dreams can give us a sense of what's coming, but I also think that we hold this information anyway, on a deeper level. As I have learned to pay attention to my own dream voices, I have noticed that some of these dreams were warnings. I just didn't see it that way when it happened. I had several dreams this year that were trying to tell me that I was headed into dangerous territory. I hope that I will see this next time..a little bit sooner.
I also have had dreams that other's have called gifts. In retrospect, things did become very creative and magical after those dreams.
I love your comfort in trusting your own instincts.
that's awesome.
warm regards,

Re: dreams foretelling future events?

I have only had that "type" of dream twice. Once I dreamt about someone before I met them. And, once I had a dream tere was an eartquake occuring in a particular region in my country, and when I awoke, in fact one had occurred over night.

Also, my mother dreamt that my best friend fell over a cliff and died the week my freind actually did die (but was killed in a car accident). So maybe there are symbols that fotell the future which are not we sometimes miss them as that which tells the future.

Slightly off the topic...but I reckon the most "potent" dreams for me personally are those that I awake immediately from - no matter what time of night. It's like the psyche forces you to wake up so that the dream is screams at you: "this dream is important - remember it!!!!!"


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Re: dreams foretelling future events?

Hi Gia,

Additional comment on this topic can be found in a post titled Precognative Dreams, Dream Central and Shooting the Messenger dated August 5th 2005. If using the board view, rather than threaded view, the post is on page 5. Sorry, I don't know how to make a clickable link to specific posts.

Thanks much,

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