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Bugs, Babies & Burns

Very strange succession of dreams - First, was in an old house with lots of people. These dreams occured a couple of nights after a close cousin died. I was talking to my sister who has glaucoma, and she said - "look, what's that water on the floor?" I looked to see a small puddle which had a hideous bug in the middle - it looked like a millepede with a large stinger coming out of its butt. When I looked closer, I watched it grow & turn into a Scorpion which started trying to come after me. Then I noticed more puddles, each with the same type of bug, each turned into Scorpions before my eyes. The last one I saw kept growing & growing, only to eventually turn into the most hideous, deformed baby I've ever seen. Next thing, I saw all these small black bugs flying around, then they started getting bigger & turned into bats. There were large ones, small ones, but the impressive thing was that there were so many of them you could hardly see through them to whoever else was in the room. Next thing, I found myself at the top of the steps & my cousin's nephew came up behind me & tried to push me down. I then asked my cousin's daughter which room was mine so I could get my things out of the dresser & leave. She pointed to a room, I went in & opened the dresser drawers but nothing in there was mine.
Next dream session involved me going out in the sun with a necklace that had a pendant on it. I got burned & the neckalce hurt, so I went inside to look at it in the mirror to find the pendant burned into my skin, turning me black all around it. It almost looked like a brand of sorts. Next thing, I found myself in the kitchen of my catering business burning something in a pot. The night after these dreams my business was robbed.

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Re: Bugs, Babies & Burns

You may have recently spent more time than usual with extended family due to your cousin’s death. In this contact your unconscious may be bringing up past experiences for examination and or reaching deep inside to issues or learned behaviour that originates from the family unit in childhood. This appears to be a theme within the dream.

The old house is you, the whole of your Self and perhaps refers to a past issue, situation or event. Your sister could represent a feminine aspect of the psyche or unconscious qualities in yourself that you project onto other people. May represent your Shadow self, that side yourself that is neglected or undeveloped. Perhaps your way of looking at things, yourself and/or others is not clear. An indication to rebalance your energies as this leads to a lack of inner harmony or attunement. Perhaps these unconscious qualities are perceived as disconnected and/or isolated.

The insects may symbolize either your attitudes toward your instinctive drives or unconscious forces that seem to constitute a threat to the rule of reason. What's bugging you? Insects are annoying at times and may represent some attitudes or persons that are annoying you in real life.

The Scorpion may symbolize an idea that is dangerous, or that you have made some comment that is stinging and hurtful. That the baby evolves from the scorpion may indicate this idea or comment is the source of some new development in your life that perhaps results in your feeling vulnerable or helpless to overcome or even guilty. The scorpion may be the messenger of the unconscious.

Perhaps you are blind to these unconscious attitudes or qualities. And/or maybe indicative of unconscious content of some repressed traumatic experiences. These unconscious attitudes or qualities contribute to feeling stressed, harassed or pressurized or are perhaps a fear of failing derived from childhood experiences, possibly from family influences or learned behaviour, drives an unconscious need to take charge or be in control. Perhaps you desire to live a life of upliftment, enlightenment or connection with the spiritual realms. As you try to resolve these inner conflicts, leave them behind, perhaps you then find you must shed or leave behind those prior family influences or learned attitudes as they are not a part of the real you, they conflict with your ideals and therefore do not serve your inner Self.

In this the second dream could describe on conscious examination some issue(s) you find something hanging or unfinished that you can no longer avoid or ignore. As this issue(s) may be the source of negative emotions like anger or frustration. A mirror can be a metaphor for reflection or inward looking examination. A brand can be defined as a symbol to denote connection to specific identification and or inclusion in a group. For you the kitchen may be more likened to a creative aspect. Possibly this dream as a whole points to the rational or intellectual aspect of your work as it disrupts the creative aspect.

Additionally, on a personal level perhaps an unconscious desire or need to develop a brand identity for your business to bring it into the ‘light’ of potential new business opportunities although for the duration of this work perhaps you may need to curb your creative work in favor of the intellectual work to see the project through to fruition.

The connection of the business being robbed, prior dream & this dream, as mentioned in the other post, is a perfect example of synchronicity. Seemingly unrelated events culminating in an event that brings the connection together. A function of the collective unconscious. In my book, Jung’s methodology and principles are right on the mark…

Please let me know your thoughts.

Many thanks,

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