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Big Foot and Caskets?!

I'm an aspiring novelist. The particular story I'm in the process of writing has created many fanatical dreams for me. This one certainly stands out in the crowd.

My husband and I and our families are traveling somewhere on foot. Its very tropical... mountains, very green and lush and humid. I remember being hot. Crossing a large bridge, I notice that the road ahead is dark and almost hidden, yet no one other than myself is concerned. So, we begin to cross the bridge.

Once we reach the other side, a sense of urgency rushes through me, this time I am not alone. Everyone around me seems to know something is not quite right. The forest ahead is very dark. Almost pitch black. The path is there, but it has a net over it. We know we're not supposed to let our feet touch the forest floor, but we don't know why. Almost in a panic, we all try to run through the forest, using the net. The rustling of the bushes around us creates terror, we HAVE to get across.

We're almost there, not fifty feet away from the other side and safety. But my mom suddenly falls to her knees and lets herself down to the ground. She's falling asleep! Everyone else is safely to the other side and I'm trying to wake her up, but she won't wake. She keeps pushing me away and saying over and over again that she's too tired to go on, she just needs to take a nap. But the rustling bushes get louder and closer, and I can't stay any longer. It broke my heart, but I had to leave. Then it all blacked out.

The next thing I remember, we're traveling back through the dark, netted forest. This time more aware of whats going on and better prepared. And there, right where I left her, is my mom. Still asleep. Going back through, I'm finally able to wake her up. Thankfully because the rustling of the bushes comes back. I quickly help her up and get her running. But she's frail and very weak. She appears to be 100 pounds lighter than when I left her. Her skin is ghostly white and her eyes are sunken in.

When we finally come to the bridge we came from, the waterfall in the background is welcoming. (I didn't notice it before.) That is, until I look up at the top. Big Foot is at the top of the waterfall and he's pushing caskets over the waterfall. The caskets are empty, but he pushes them over nonetheless.

Thats when I woke up. What does this mean?!

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Re: Big Foot and Caskets?!

Hi Dre Deen,
Sorry for the slow reply. This dream warrants and takes some time to digest and reply to - please let me know what comes up for you after you digest my reply - burp!

This is a dream of both you inner and outer journey - both waking and inner life. It is a dream of transformation.

The journey of your husband + yourself travelling - you as you journey through this current phase of your life - it is lush, fertile, creative. The heat is the heat of the creative process.
Your thinking mind is concerned about where this will lead you - the rest of you is not concerned.
The bridge ,,, a crossing over; stepping from 'one world to the next' (metaphorically speaking); it may also relate some impasse that you are about to make - is this in your writing ? or is it within your psyche. I guess it is operating at both levels.

You make this transition. The net reminds me of a web, and also it separates you from your path. You are disconnected from the path, yet on it ,,, using the net, the web (of life?). Maybe this is a dark time to come, the period of doubt and fear that besets us all at some stage in life.

Your mother fallen to the ground , and fallen asleep - isn't this like the fairy tales ? Could this be separation from your intuitive creative self ie: your feminine aspects ?(see some of the posts on the site) and it all goes dark ,,,, when you are separated from these aspects of yourself - and just when you felt you were almost 'there' ,,,, ie; aiming to your gaol is a a masculine aspect, it is necessary but requires the feminine).
What is 'out there' that you fear ,,, remember the 'out there' is likely something inside.,,, in the shadows of your psyche, or thought patterns.

As you travel again - you are more aware - your creative intuitive self is still there - and you are able to reawaken those aspects. ,,, albeit

The rustling in the jungle represents to be fears of the unknown, such as fears of what's out there in life.
(Were you / are you strongly connected to your father? are you striving for perfection ?) How is you relationship with your mother ? Has it been left to wither for some time ?

With the knowledge of your journey you have more insight, you see things that you didn't see before; things that reaffirm the life giving-ness of Nature.
Ah ha - Big Foot !! 'the rumble in the Jungle'. Could this be the cause of the creepy noises in the jungle ? seen in the light of day. Perhaps representing the powerful yet unseen forces of nature that you had been fearing - pushing empty caskets over the falls ,,,, says it all beautifully.

In summary I feel you dream deals with transformation - a crossing over and the return; and the aspects of yourself that you may revitalise in this process.

Looking forward to your thoughts / feedback ,,, JC

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Re: Big Foot and Caskets?!

To be honest, I'm going through a lot of changes. I've always been a tomboy. Growing up around a bunch of boys does that to ya I guess. But anywho... I got married about a year ago and I'm pregnant. So even if I didn't want to be feminine, I really don't have much choice.

As for my father... well... sperm donor left when I didn't turn up to be a boy. Step-dad is pro-kids as long as he doesn't have to pay anything for anyone. Make sense? I really haven't had a fatherly figure around. I don't think I've suffered from it. I'd like to think I turned out ok.

But to see my mom just, lay down in an area that I felt in the dream to be so dangerous frightened me quite a bit. I mean, she's my mom and my dad in a sense. I've had many dreams like these though. I don't really want to put them on here for the whole world to read though. This one was a leap for me.

But it you could help, that would be much appreciated.

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Re: Big Foot and Caskets?!

Hi Dre Deen

Sounds like you have been / are in the 'washing amchine' of life ,,, and that you are already making big moves and taking great steps (maybe that is where 'Big Foot" comes in).

If the dreams are still knocking on your door then it is likely that there are things that your deeper self would like to bring to the attention of your waking self. (Maybe pregnacy heightens these intuitive aspects). I encourage you to look into this suff somehow.
The Forum is a public site and 'just' posting is more than 'just posting' - it takes great bravery and commitment to one's own Self that anyone who posts is already taking a great leap.
It may be worth keeping a Journal - just for you. Part of this could be writing down the dreams - this is another big step - remember, such a journal is just for you. It is a way of taking time out for you.
Alternately it may be worth seeking out a councellor or someone interested in analysis ,,,

It is the heros path Dre Deen, not easy but littered with gold

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