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Just Looking for an Explanation

I had a dream that occured to me twice and to tell you the truth it scared the hell out of me. As it goes, I was sleeping and I had a dream (more like a nightmare) that I was awakened by a noise at my window. When I looked up to see what the noise was, my curtains had parted and there I was. I was standing outside of my window in a slouched position, back hunched and head hung low, sobbing as if I was crying hysterically. I was in such shock that I didn't know what to do. Slowly, the image of myself which was outside of the window started to drift away and the sobbing and moaning was getting louder as "it" got further away. In real life I awoke sweating pretty bad and had no idea what had happened. As I had said earlier I was scared as all hell, I couldnt fall back to sleep, nor did I want to move out of my bed. I have had this dream/nightmare twice. However in the second occurence, my face had lifted up slightly and I could see that I had very deep sunken, solemn eyes. Also I had blood trickling from the left side of my nose and out of both corners of my mouth. Once again the same thing had occured where this reincarnation so to say was drifting away and the sobbing/moaning grew louder before it had vanished. I awoke once more sweating pretty profusely. If there is anyone who can interpret this and at least give me some kind of a meaning to what I had experienced I would be greatful.

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Re: Just Looking for an Explanation

Hi Tim,
a big dream, as it 'scared the hell out of you'.
My interpretation is not meant to be harsh, just direct as your dream seems to be -
Well this sounds like a 'wake up call' ,,, It seems that you may not be aware of something.
What are you up to in your waking life that is not in accord with who you really are ..... Tim you don't need to answer to me, just to yourself (and that can be hard). Your dream is showing you the separation of you that is or may occur if you continue to go the way you are going ,,, say goodby e to yourself ,,, and it also gives you a glimpse of the pain you would feel if this were to happen.

please let me know what you think given some thought.
All the best, JC

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