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snakes-boyfriends mother

Alright so i have been having two different dreams over and over. the first is at a party type place, and im always sacerd to be there. Then up comes my boyfriends parents, and they start giving me looks. you know like the evil eye kinda looks. then his mother starts yelling at me, then his dad is like "yeah" then his mom yells some more. all the while the party in the back is having a great time, and my boyfriend is holding my hand, but all i can see his his hand, but i know its him.
The secound always has snakes. Im in a large building with a tone of windows, and there all kinds of snakes in boxes. but there is this large pink one in the water. and i wanted to see it. it scared me but i had to get closer. but in order to get ant closer i had to walk on a bunch of sheded snake skins. Once i got to it another orange, yellow, and black snake is all over my hands, and i cant move. the pink snake goes through my feet and then its gone.

These two dreams are really started to bug me. i have no idea what they can mean. can anybody please help me understand them.
thank you so much!

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Re: snakes-boyfriends mother

Hi Courtney,
If dreams are repeating something inside is trying to tell you something that the inner parts of you deem important to you.

well I think that these derams are mainly concerned with showing you 'where you are at' ,,,sort of where you are .
Overall I think you are somewhat scarred of life - and there are some aspects that frighten you more than others.
One is the your perceived need to measure up, especially to 'authority figures' and the other aspect that scares you may be the changes within your thinking / being that are afoot, that are happening within you.
You are already brave enough to walk over some of the issues that have bothered you in the past, and you want to understand yourself more - you have already move closer to knowing somethng about your inner self; and yet You feel helpless (pinned down by your inner fears perhaps) ,,, are the pink snake ? your new found feminine aspects leaving you ?

your thoughts ,,, JC

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