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transcending and the ally

Hey all,
Last night I went to a workshop on "Suffering" which was about holding the tension between the opposites, by using the transcendent function. In that process it was suggested that we do active imagination with our ally and then find a way to creativly express the middle ground and not get caught up in the complex of either poles.
So how do I know who my ally is? I am finding that alot of folks use animals.
I have had dragon dreams for years but not anymore. I am now dreaming of dogs and horses.
However, in my dragon dreams I've had teachers, I've been loved and protected by the dragons, taught how to negotiate change, How to fly, how to use and not use dragon energy and finally I 'took a leap of faith' transforming into a white dragon named Maga who told me exactly what I needed to do, to move forward.
This lovely dragon has been an ally for years. But the dragons are gone.
So would she be my ally? I've learned more from her than people.
I also have a man in my dreams who is my peer. He is loving and wise and is a current visitor in my dreams.

Re: transcending and the ally

Hi Leslie,
We may be provided with different architypal images that will teach us what will heal us. ,,,, we nned to be aware ond willing - as you obviously have been. When that image has done it's work, it will be assimilated / leave our consciousness.
I am not familiar with this technique that you worked with however I would suggest contemplating on 'gratitude' ,,, as that is what comes through in your post.
it seems that the dragon architype had taught you what you needed, and you did you bit too, to learn the lessons. The dragon has been assimilated; and now you have evolved further.
Sounds like you have met your ally ? Move on with him.

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Re: transcending and the ally

thanks very much JC! I was thinking the dragon energy is gone too. I will work with this man and see what happens.

Re: transcending and the ally

I hadn't thought about being grateful but yes I am.
I've used the advice my dragon gave me and it changed me. As I look back, these dreams read like a story and on that wild dreamy plane, we took quite a trip. She was always very gentle and Perhaps I need to thank her!

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