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I had a dream a few nights ago it consisted of aliens and they were wanting to mame and abuse my children. I was very afraid and protective. I have 5 daughters and I couldn't save 1 which is the oldest. I watched them cut her up and gut her. After they did this she became herself again but without emotion. The aliens had already done this deed to my husband and I wanted to hug and kiss him but he told me that he wouldn't be able to feel my emotion. I woke up crying.

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Re: Aliens


Aliens are what is unfamiliar to you. Perhaps you’re experiencing negative emotions or lack of emotion that is not a normal response for you. This may be indicative of the feminine and mid-life change. How this new stage which incorporates the end, death, of female fertility. Five often symbolizes change, six often conflict. Perhaps you have conflicting emotions regarding mid-life and menopause. Menopause, and the decline of the female hormones, often brings about a less emotional more rational/intellectual state of being for women. A more ‘masculine’ life experience as we are no longer subject to the fluctuations, including emotions, brought about in the female cycle allowing a more constant level intellectual. Overall this dream may be about the fear of the unfamiliar and unknown in this new cycle of life.

If this seems to fit, Gerard has excellent information on the MDS site and links to even more, about the feminine experience of mid-life change. While at first it may appear daunting & ‘alien’ it can be immensely fulfilling. And it is a time of immense change physically, emotionally and intellectually. It’s a time of life for women we experience decreasing responsibilities to others so that we can work to fulfill our own dreams and goals. So again, if this seems to fit, take some time exploring and learning about this through the MDS site & links.

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