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I am a graduate student in psychology. After a class in Spirituality and counseling on Saturday, I went home determined to pay more attention to my dreams. As I went to sleep, I asked God to talk with me in dreams and visions, and I would listen. Several weeks before I had had another strange dream and was still trying to figure out what it meant, so I asked for the interpretation too. However, the dream freaked me out so badly that I did not write it down as suggested. Here it is: The first part of the dream is about being in a house and trying to figure out where I am going to put (in which room) a bunch of people, mostly family members. As I am doing this it begins to resemble a house I used to live in, and there is news of a coming flood. I begin to try to put things away so that they will be safe. There are dishes, particularly China, that I am really concerned with (I gave my own china to my daughter and have never been too concerned with china or dishes of any sort!). Also, my little dog is with me. I put him high up on a shelf in a cabinet, and am called to leave bec the flood is on its way. I run out and go somewhere and then I awaken. It is still night time so I go back to sleep and begin to dream again. I am back in the house only the flood is gone leaving silt and mud all over my house and people are scavaging for good stuff--they come to my china which is in remarkably good condition and begin to take it--especially one large obnoxious woman. I tell her it is mine and to leave my house. I then look up on the shelf to find my dog who remarkably is fine and retrieve him. When I turn around, the woman and my china are gone. Then a man is yelling at me about a snake. It is a pale pink translucent large snake lying there dead in the mud. The man pokes the snake,and I protest. I have never been really afraid of snakes, but I never have wanted to be really friendly with them either. However, I tell the man that there are babies in the snake, and to leave it alone. He takes a knife and cuts open the pouch of the snake where hundreds of writhing snakes are moving around. I take the snakes as if to protect them and put them on my stomach and cover them--just like the pouch they were in on the mother snake. These snakes are moving around and I have no clue why I would do such a thing. Anyway,all of a sudden I start screaming and trying to get the snakes away and off of me, taking off my clothes and just trying to get all of them off me. I awaken with a feeling of pure terror and the terror continues. I can't seem to shake this feeling of something really awful or awe-ful that is coming. I would appreciate anything you have to offer about this dream. Thanks.
While pondering this dream, several thoughts have come to me. One is that I am trying to hide or protect the snakes--very strange to me. Then I think maybe my unconscious self is trying to tell me about something about myself that needs to be revealed. What do you think?

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Re: Snakes

Hi, I am a professor of psychology classes. Your series of dreams seems very interesting. In the first one, I think the house represents you, your layers of personality and the importance you give or the responsibility you take for each of the persons close to you. Dishes in particular I believe that relate to responsibilities.
The snake is a powerful symbol and in many cultures symbolizes fertility, transformation and regeneration. So your unconscious might be telling you smth in that respect. Maybe some transformation is taking place in you.
Wish you the best,

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Re: Snakes

Your dream is replete with images of transformation> How does that feel ?
I guess you said it : Awe-ful.
- the snake; the flood;
And out of what has been lost; new birth arises; the miriad of babies.

From a Jungian interpretation - the house represents you and the work you have been doing to sort out who you are etc. Part of this may entail 'putting things away' so that they wil be safe. Safe guarding parts of you that are fragile, (the china - 'delicate matters' fragile parts of yourself)
The dog is nice and may represent your animal aspects (which are little), and prob loyal.

The Flood ,,, if you are familiar with the Bible ,,, the great Flood - the residue of a flood - messy yet fertile.

The role of the obnoxious woman is unclear to me. Who / what aspect of yourself is the obnoxious woman (? your mother ,, threatening your delicate matters).

Even though this transformation may cause some destruction none-the-less you, rightly want to respect those aspects of yourself that are now dead (you protect the dead snake) .

Are there aspects of your feminine nature that are changing; perhaps these are to do with childhood or childish aspects of femininity (the snake is pink).

Out of this change comes rebirth - in abundance. The snakes over your belly suggests The Feminine to me - abundance and fertility.
I can understand this may be scary and challenging perhaps.

BJ, the Feminine in a mythological sense, or in accord with Hinduism (for example) honour both aspects of the Feminine in recogition of her awesome power - for BOTH destruction and new life. "What we think is destruction is the stripping away of illusion".

What are your thoughts and how does what I have written fit with your thoughts? Your feedback would help - all the best


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Re: Re: Snakes

Thank you both for your help on this dream. Most of what you say rings true to me. As a matter of fact last night as I was going to sleep, another thought came to me. The many baby snakes may represent all the people in my life who I try to protect and enable!! When I throw them off, I am beginning to realize that they must stand on their own and I need to quit rescuing them. It is time to pursue my own growth.

I am thinking the obnoxious woman may be the part of me that feels guilty when I pursue my own way rather than trying to make everybody else happy. I think she is trying to "steal" my desire for transformation.

Actually, I am feeling much better about this dream since I have thought about it and received your feedback, as well as the feedback of a friend.
I think God is honoring my prayers to him for a more intimate knowledge of him, as I believe that knowing Him more also includes knowing myself better as well. I have been asking him to heal me of my codependency issues before I begin counseling others.

Again, thank you so much!

I am excited. Thank you for your help.


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Re: Re: Re: Snakes


It sounds like you are fitting things together and looking after your China yourself !
The issues of co-dependancy also fit and it seems you are sifting through the sil (wherein lies the gold maybe).
'You are that which you seek'

Thank you for the feedback - it helps keep us 'true'


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Re: Snakes

Hi BJ,

Something I found interesting about your dream:
You were expecting a FLOOD to take away or break your China, which is clearly in the dream something precious, delicate and highly valuable to you. Instead, your dream indicated an element of surprise and a strange twist or turn of events, one of the women (obnoxious woman) who you were seeking to protect, (ironically) was the one who took away your China, and not the flood which you expected. This turn of events really captured my attention when I read your dream.

Also, in some cultures, Snakes are seen as Kundalini, Goddess energy that may lie dormant, but when once awakened is a powerful and perhaps a terrifying form of (usually sexual) energy. The physical location wherein it is said to reside is the small of the back. When you said you put the snakes on your stomach, this idea of Kundalini came to my mind, as the small of the back is just on the other side of one's stomach, usually. Snakes are also a symbol of transformation, as was previously mentioned. Your snakes in your dream are giving birth....hundreds of snakes....that is quite a fruitful image...perhaps a very, very powerful and huge transformation or awakening is on the thresshold....

Hope this helps. Best wishes,

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