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put yourself in a dream

I have recently found that I am able to put myself into a dream with out fully falling asleep. Laying down I close my eyes, and using my mind over body, begin to put myself into a fictional situation. after about an hour of living in this fictional world, my bodily senses dissapear and am fully unaware of my surroundings. I then everything becomes unreaslistic as I enter a dream. How do I know I am still awake? Because, even though I am un aware of the surroundings and my body is numb, I can still fell senses in my facial muscles and skin. As I enter the dream the facial skin tightens and muscles around the head become intense and the jaw clenches together. The dream the finishes as it does when asleep and as soon as it finishes all the muscles and skin completely relax leaving a kind of mild sting in the head but feeling alert. Has there been any similar cases to this?

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Re: put yourself in a dream

Hi Matt

As you have discovered, there is more than one state of consciousness.
You have tuned down the bodily senses, and in turn the mind can settle - allowing us to experience deeper aspects of our being.
The ancients (yogi's and meditators) are very familiar with these states, although I am not knowledgable about the details.
jung described his own journey into thes realm and you might like to look into some of his writings about his early days; also 'lucid dreaming'.,,, it sounds similar to what you discovered for yourself.
As you have experienced this - perhaps the underlying question ,,, what use is this ? "inner Work' by Robert Johnsonwill fill you in.


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Re: put yourself in a dream

I used to be able to get to that state when I practised yoga.

nexct time you are in this state, try to visit freinds i the state. really concentrate. Do it at night, when you thikn others will be asleep. Do very deliberate and specific things in your dream when you envisage visiting them and then see if they say anything to you the next day!.

I did this about15-18 yers ago as an 'expertiment'on a friend and a boyfreind (2 separate incidents) and they phoned me the next day, rather perturned as they said that they woke in the night sna 'saw' me in the room , saw the curtains move, smelt my perfume, felt the bed move as I sat down on it.

I had not told them I was going to do this as I didnt know if it would work. I just lay down on my bed at night and relaxed and before I knew it I was flying really fast, the ground a blur beneath me and suddenly I was at their house/flat.
Weird thing was - I did not even know the ex's new address, or what his house looked like, yet I found him.

I made sure I did specific things - put on perfume before I went to bed. Its sounds really corny , but in order to know that it had any effect, I deliberately went in through the window, making a point of moving the curtains, standing by window, then moving to the end of the bed and sitting down on it.

I cannot explain how or why I did this, but I know that it 'worked'. (and no, I am not a nutter, nor do I take drugs/medication!)

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