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loved one makes a big mistake

it was my bday and a couple of guys who have had somwhat of an impact on me (from last semester in college) were at my family's house (and it wasnt our house: it was some random house) as well as my best friend katie and eric (eric is my b/f on and off for 5 years and is leaving to go across country in 2 days). My mom being the creative and thoughtful person she is had like an activity planned every hour for me and my friends to do. there was a parade outside and i remember seeing some famous actor in the parade who did some famous play about abe lincoln: he was crying b/c he thought everyone watching the parade loved him b/c they were screaming and honking their horns but they were really just being obnoxious and didnt even know who the guy was. my mom dad and i were all of a sudden standing on a balcony and we could see a cement gray wall and a girl was sitting on the wall in the distance. and a blue mustang convertable came flying 1/2 on the wall 1/2 on the street and eric was driving with a mutual friend of ours in the passanger seat. Eric full on hit the girl. I was focused on his face when he did this and clearly saw it. me my mom and dad saw the whole thing and i screamed and grabbed my dad so i wouldnt fall from being so horrified. I woke up with the same horrible feeling i had in the dream.

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Re: loved one makes a big mistake

Hi Theresa

Dreams are really about speaking the truth in a way that is not judgemental, not emotional, just the truth - the truth as it is for you; so iwhile others can offer interprations the meaning must really be there for you.

This dream seems to be about both a rebirth and how you feel about your boyfriend's departure. It seems to describe the nature of your life at present - like a distraction ?
Could it be that you feel that people don't really know who you are ? are others cheering you for the wrong reasons ? or is it that you don't really know how great you are ? I am not sure and I am just offering these possibilities that seem to be present in your dream, you will need to think on them.

The girl on the wall reminds me of 'Humpty Dumpty' and I it would be reasonable to feel like that ,,, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Does this relate to you / your true feelings about your b/f leaving. Have you put on a happy face and yet inside feel about to break?
This may also relate to feeling 'full on hit' by Eric leaving ,,,
Your dreams are not there to make life hard for you - rather help you to see and acknowledge how you really feel or what is really going on.

The title of your post is also worthy of relection - is this how you feel ?

As you said, the dream was set on your Birhtday ,,, so there may well be a rebirth in this too

Your feedback / thoughts really help in improving the interpretations I can offer
All the best

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