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saving the world

Hi All,

I was wondering if you had any comments on some dreams..

Recently I've been having a lot of dreams where I'm on some mission to save the world. Lastnight, I was getting help from many different people who would reccommend another person along the way. They showed me secret passages and gave me other sorts of help that I don't quite remember. I had to scale a snowy platform that was pretty steep (maybe 45-60 degrees?) in one tunnel. The last person I got to was apparently very experienced in helping revolutions and was also highly skilled in magick. (there was a gang of the "bad guys" following me, looking for this tennis ball with some spell written on it) I was asking him to help me, but he was really apathetic and seemed depressed. I could sense that the bad guys gang was getting closer, so I was getting panicked.

Also, in the beginning I was going to a movie with a friend and angelina jolie.. we climbed to our seats by stepping on the seat and then the back of the seat until we reached the middle of the theatre. Then my friend found a clump of ash and asked someone to light it. it was burning like an ember and then she ate it.

Any ideas?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 20, BC Canada

Re: saving the world

Hi Katherine,

Angela Jolie is a good example of a 'powerful' adept woman

Dreams speak about the order of things both within and without. They can represent both what is happening in our lives and the Natural Order. In Nature there is always a tendency to return to balance.
What does all this have to do with your dream ? Well I think your dream deals with balance. Maybe you are 'out to save the world' (as Angelina Jolie does) or not, I don't know.

The dream speaks of the perils of the journey (of 'conquoring' life). There are hidden things and 'secret' meanings in many things in life - the dream tells you that this is so (no matter what the 'outside rational world' may be telling you).

Magic - the ability to create ,,,, we can create our dreams and aspirations, however to do so takes time and there are perils (scaling snowy platforms etc).

To take this path is really a revolution - you need co-travellers and need to learn with / from others along the way.

I was referring to balance before and the Natural Order ,,, the dream seems to allude to the diminished masculine energy within you (he is tired and seems depressed) - this is on contrast to Angeline Jolie who we might think of as having great masculine attributes ,,, however really she is female (as you are) and she has adopted only the powerful masculine ,,, as a compensation to the underlying weakness of the masculine ,,, so really she is portraying power not masculine energy

Have a think about what I have written and if you post a reply we may be able to look at things from different angles and your reply would help in feeding back so the interpretive process is complete for me too.

By the way at 20, it is right and reasonable to 'want to save the world' ,,, thi is a great attribute to have - with more warriors like this we would not be in the pikle we are in now!


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: Brisbane Australia 47

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Re: Re: saving the world

Thanks for your interpretation Justin,
I really agree with the depressed man portraying my masculine aspects, I find I'm not all that accepting of my masculine qualities.

I find it a little odd that Angelina would portray strong qualities in myself--I can see these qualities in me, but I don't find that I express them that much. I guess I just don't see myself acting on those qualities a lot, but I guess that doesn't demean them being there.

I would definately say that my animus would be very depressed.

Right now I'm kind of at a crossroad--I'm thinking of taking a year off of university. I'm not entirely sure where I would like to be going, but I think that I wouldn't feel fulfilled if I wasn't doing something that I knew was contributing to better the world. What you said reminded me of my fear/anxiety towards taking the route of activism as my main pursuit in life. And it is something that I would need a lot of help with along the way.

When you mentioned balance that really gave me an "aha" reaction, It feels like needing balance fits with my life right now.
Thank you!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 20, BC Canada

Re: Re: Re: saving the world

Hi Katharine

Thank you for your response and I am glad that my interpretation shed some light on the useful nature of your dream.
I ahve been away and so this later response, sorry.

This time soinds like a great opportunity ,,, to do ,,, 'whatever'.
All the best

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: Brisbane Australia 47

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} M

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