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In my dream I was visiting a good high school in the city I currently live in and I was talking to the people who were from that school. I was asking them questions and feeling a bit uncomfortable around these rich people. We were outside, on a winding asphalt path, the area was very well kept. Then a group of younger girls starting passing in front of us, they had just got out of a bus and they were carrying their bags and suitcases. They were the basketball team of my high school from another city, they had come here for a tournament as the two schools were sister schools. I was very happy to see them and proudly told the people I was talking to that these young girls were from my school. I recognized one of the girls from my days in high school, a girl with a innocent and cute babyish face..

Then I looked up the road and saw four people, all were dressed in very tight black leather costumes (wrapped like mummies) and every part of their body, including their faces were covered. It was scary. One of them was a woman, her face was not covered, she was an attractive woman who looked like an Italian with olive skin, long black hair and brown eyes. She was walking between two men, her arms were tied to a stick (like crucified) and the men were carrying each end of the stick so they were all walking in a row. A third man was walking in front of them and I could tell he was the one in charge. The mens faces were wrapped in black leather too which was disturbing. I thought the woman and the man walking in front were a couple and were in the leading roles and the other two men carrying the stick were probably just assistants. I thought they must be going to a kind of strange sadist/masochist event or something similar. I looked at the woman, she looked at me for a second too and I thought that although she had got herself into this one way or the other she wasn’t scared or unaware of what she was doing, she was going along with things..

Thank you..

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Re: highschool

Hi Fish

The first part of the dream:
school - a place of education, learning
people opinions
awkward with your position in life ?
sealed path ,,, the certainly of the way you looked at life then?
the area was well kept ,, in control
reflecting on the way you were - the 'inner child' one might say.
So this may be reflecting on how you thought your life would pan out, or maybe how others thought it would turn out ,,, with the eyes of a child.

The 4 people suggest wholeness; the whole of you in all your aspects. I am not sure if the dream is speaking to the present or the future (did you look up the road ,,,?).
However ,,, like mummies (preserved, dead, stagnent); Wrapped in leather, bound up, unable to move, no freedom at all, even unable to express themselves (even their faces were covered).
Again three men one women - imbalance. Are you fair haired and light eyed?(Although I lose track of the sequence here).
Yet one is being 'crucified',,, between two men (are you strung between two men in some way ? work, private life?). Being carried - dependancy on men or the masculine? What has happened to your feminine aspects ?
One one level you seem to know what you are into, however this dream seems to show you the outcome for you if you keep going this way.

So overall your dream seems to be showing you the contrast between your 'natural state' and wither the way things are or the way things will turn out if nothing changes.

Does this make sense for you? Feedback on how this fits or doesn't into your life would help to look at things further if you want. I would apprecitate your thoughts.

All the best

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Re: highschool

Dear Justin,

I hope you read this!

Thank you very much for your interpretation which I saw just now. I remember checking if there were any replies to my dream for a few days and then giving up, so I am sorry for not answering before..

Your interpretation is very very accurate (unfortunately!) and I am very much impressed by how to the point all your comments are, even the questions that you brought up were very accurate for my case.. thank you very much for help, if you read this and would still like to look further I would be very happy for the chance..

Do you think everything in that dream was an aspect of my life? Yes I am fair haired and light eyed so who was that woman with black hair and eyes?

thank you again and best wishes,


Re: highschool

Hi Fish

Many thanks for your reply - I am rushing right now and would like to give a reply after reviewing your dream and my post

Perhaps look into 'the shadow' links on this site

all the best

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