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strangest dreams ever

ok three dreams... I think they are related. I would be happy if anyone could help me figure them out:
#1 I was eating a piece of stake and noticed an earthworm wrapped around it before I take a bite. I prod it with my fork.
#2 I was lying on top of a submarine (it was half underwater and I could feel the water lapping up on my face) I was trying to go to sleep but knew I had a mission to accomplish. I was dressed in scuba gear. Then this raccoon gets in my face and starts bearing its very sharp teeth. I knew I needed the raccoon's help in finishing my mission so I tried to bribe it into helping me by offering it a haircut (iteresting that I could talk with this animal).
#3 I witness my little brother being stabed repeatedly by my cousin in my parent's kitchen, with a butternife. He is covered in blood. I save him and feel very good about it (relieved) I am covered in blood. Somehow there is a confusion and people think that it was my older bro who was trying to kill him but I know this isn't the case. Earlier in this dream I confront my uncle, in a shopping mall, who has grown his hair back (he was bald, but in my dream has short stubbley hair)?

This is odd. If anyone can help....

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Re: strangest dreams ever

Hi Paul,

I am not sure how much you know about dream interpretation ,, think over what I have written, and feel if it clicks for you (just feels right or not) or if something particularly jars then maybe ask yourself why ,,,, your thoughts / feedback would help to clarify things further and help to improve the interpretations.

dream two:
The submarine may be a symbol of latent masculine power - it is floating in water (feminine), and at the interface (balance point) between the two worlds. One would think this is just where you should be.
Yet it seems you are lazing about even though you have your mission in life. Perhaps you are 'just thinking' about things and not doing anything ?
I am not sure about racoons (we don't have them 'Down Under'), but I would guess this represents your natural instincts - that you will need to do what you were sent here to do - a good message to use them! The haircut ? Sounds like you are trying i) to bribe the racoon into doing what you want it to (and not what it (you) are supposed to do +/or ii) you are trimming it's abilities or it's effect on your rational thinking.

dream 3:
the characters are all male, and perhaps represent different takes on your masculine traits. You are witnessing the 'murder' ,,, so you are in your witnessing mode ,, you are an independent observe on this.
your little brother, sounds like the underdeveloped side of your masculinity. Do you have a little brother ? If so what traits does he have that you might share ,, this might be a clue.
A butter knife ? used for spreading and it is blunt ! so there has to be something here ,,, this doesn't sound like a genuine assault is is something to get your attention ?
The blood of life - we are all related; his blood your blood it is all the same and links all of us (you).
Again, do you have an older brother ? What does he represent to you ? that he would be scapegoated for the attack.
I think the big clue is in the location - you confront your uncle (? real life) in a shopping mall ,,, this may likely be a symbol of the material aspects; aspects of power,,, an uncle is like a pseudo-father ,,, so could this represent your thoughts on a structure of power that you have picked up?

And finally dream 1:
This may be about the cycle of life and death - worm, grass, cow, slaughtered, eaten,,,, you prod it ,,, this is just the way it is

Any thoughts ?


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