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Sassy Little Sister


In the dream:

It's night. I'm doing something to fix the T.V., to make it work. Then I go inside the bathroom and I'm dancing in front of the mirror. I'm having so much fun, feeling free, moving, shaking it up, it's great. My little sister is around. She starts cutting up a yellow-orange fluffy towel that I really like. I tell her you can't do that! She says, "It's my towel, I can do anything I want with it!." It's really not her towel. She is about eight years old in the dream and a smart-alec. I'm upset that she interupted my dancing and cut up my nice towel.

Later, we board a Taxi. She has her head on my lap and is napping. We pass a kiosk, stand that sells snacks, newspapers whatever. The two men who usually work there are now donning military uniform. The have a huge portrait sized photo of one of their friends, also in military uniform. He died,(apparently in a war, which I had no idea a war was actually taking place,) so this is their way of honoring him.


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Re: Sassy Little Sister

The television is a means of obtaining information from another source. Therefore, when you managed to fix the TV, you are improving communication. The improved communication might be from a higher part of yourself.

You are happily dancing in front of a mirror in the bathroom. The implication is that fixing the TV has made you happy. You are in front of a mirror, which suggests that you have somehow changed or you are looking especially good. The bathroom is associated with bathing and elimination; therefore, fixing the TV is related to a psychological cleaning or to the elimination of some sort of problem.

I suspect that your sister symbolizes your shadow (or some other archetype). The towel that she cut up is associated with bathing. Thus, she either does not want you to cleanse yourself or I believe a more likely interpretation is that you no longer need the towel.

So, what is it about the towel that makes it unneeded? I believe that it is the towel’s color. When I see a dream with color, I’ll typically attempt to interpret the colors based on the associated chakras (if feasible). In this dream, the yellow-orange color is associated with the 3rd and the 2nd chakras, respectively. Thus, you no longer need to clean the towel because you have somehow gone beyond these chakras.

There is next a shift in the dream. The taxi that you are in is taking you on your life’s journey. You pass a kiosk. You don’t say anything about buying any food or other items. However, getting something in the dream, such as food, is usually good sign.

You see two men who usually work at the kiosk but are now wearing uniforms. They have a portrait of one of their deceased friends. These two men and their dead friend are probably symbols of your animus. His death means that your animus is making a transition to a different stage of development.

The development of your animus is related to your going beyond the 2nd and 3rd chakra stages of development.

As a little side note, the two men have a portrait of their friend in order to honor him. This may have shamanic implications. The shaman will often have images of his animal/spirit guides as a way of honoring them. This hints that your animus may have reached the stage where he is becoming a spiritual guide.

Hope this helps

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Re: Sassy Little Sister

Welcome to the DreamForum. Your insights to May's dream shows you have a good understanding of Jungian philosophy. Hopefully May will respond soon to your interpretation. I hope you will visit often to share your insights and at the same time learn more about dreams along with the rest of us. If the DreamForum is but one thing, it is a learning place.


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Re: Sassy Little Sister

Hi Lugus,

I am very happy with your interpretation of this dream, as your interpretation is so positive and optimistic. I do agree with this interpretation of this dream, and it makes sense, however, I have had dreams that seem to be contrary......so that always worries me...especially in terms of my animus development. My most recent dream I posted was of my younger brother being locked up with blood seeping out from behind the door.....and a more recent one not yet posted of him being held hostage (also in my parent's house) and being tortured.

So, perhaps overall my animus is developing as a spiritual guide. My concern is that my emerging animus is very weak and vulnerable and so many forces can prevent this positive development...so I am trying to stay conscious in this area....

Thank you so much Lugus for your interpretation, it was a very holistic view of the entire dream.


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