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Reoccuring Dream

I have been dreaming that I am taking Marissa's place on the WB TV show The OC. I am dreaming that I am in love with Ryan and he is in love with me. I am not obsessed with the TV show, actually I barely watch it. In my dreams we do little adventures, and in the end Ryan and I are together. Marissa his ex girlfriend is never in my dreams. I dream that I am best friends with Summer (Marissa's best friend). I do not dream anything about Marissa, just Ryan, Summer and Seth. I am married. But, in my dreams I am very much in love with Ryan. Can you help me find out what this means?

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Re: Reoccuring Dream


I’m not familiar with the show however some thoughts follow. They may or may not be close as dreams are about the dreamer rather than the interpreter.

On a personal level the dreams may symbolize some unconscious awareness of an aspect the Ryan character possesses that perhaps you either desire in your mate or your mate actually possesses. Perhaps the ‘adventures’ symbolize a lack of adventure in your marriage. A relationship often changes as the partners each change and evolve, and sometimes as attentions are aligned to social duty & responsibility rather than the relationship. If you feel something is missing in the relationship with your mate perhaps examine exactly what it is, in the dream, that you ‘love’ in Ryan or the adventures. This may lead you to discover what this character, and the dream, represents to you.

Also, the dream could speak to inner aspects of Self. In this, all the dream characters would represent some aspect of you. In that we possess both male and female aspects, character Ryan may represent a male aspect your unconscious deems necessary for you to develop. That you dream of three women and one male could indicate this, four being the whole Self, that this trait would work toward balance. Again, it’s examining the characters, what male traits does Ryan possess that attract you? Do you see these in your Self or do you perhaps lack this so your unconscious, through the dream, communicates a need to integrate for balance.

Let me know your thoughts. You will know if this is close or not, look for the Aha! feeling. If none, perhaps you response will shed more light on the possibilities.

Many thanks,

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