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Hi there,

I had a dream that I was shopping for a new bed for me and my father. I found this special for something crazy like $3 and my father doesn't want to buy it. Can you please help figuring this out? Thanks for any replies.

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Re: Shopping

For a short dream it could hold much symbolism. Some thoughts follow although they are varied in context to possible meanings. You will know if any are close or not by how you feel, if it ‘fits’ with you, your thoughts and your life. Please feel free to respond even if none feel right.

1. Personal: You seek a more adult level of communication with your father. At 22, you know you’re an adult however your father may still behave toward you as in the past, as though you are still a child rather than an adult. And he rejects your attempts to communicate on this level.
2. Personal: A new method or level of thought, perhaps going against your father’s teachings. That this prior state is embedded in you and your inner authority questions the validity or worth of this new found way of thinking so desire to reject it.
3. Deeper meaning: Religious/Spiritual: If you are religious, rather than spiritual, perhaps you’re examining your religious beliefs in comparison to other religions or spirituality. The father may symbolize the religious ‘God’ icon where your prior or existing beliefs will not allow for examination so the ‘sin’ reflex rejects the notion as unworthy or undesirable, especially in examination of spirituality.

Hope this helps.


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