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Forgot my panties!!!

This is pretty embarrassing, but since it's a recurring dream, I thought maybe someone could help with the translation. I am wearing a very short mini skirt & have forgotten to put on my panties. In each incident ( 3 specifically) I am climbing up either a spiral staircase, a ladder, or an open to below staircase & there are men underneath looking up at me. I am very embarrassed & trying to keep them from seeing anything, walking with my legs as tight together as possible, making it difficult to climb. Have been going through some financial difficulties & this sounds like a warning or turmoil type situation. (Trying to "climb up" without being revealed - perhaps a spiritual climb?)Any opinions?

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Re: Forgot my panties!!!

Hi Laurie,

Please don’t feel embarrassed. I believe most here understand that dreams & dream symbols are metaphors and rarely literal. I recently posted a series of dream titles which included dreams of death, murder, suicide, lesbian sex, orgy, etc. My unconscious chose these metaphors, the universal language, to communicate. I had no hesitation in posting as this is a serious learning forum where being open about dreams is extremely important to deciphering the meanings, personal growth and collective learning. And non judgemental perspectives are offered here. So thank you for your openness in posting your dream!

Several possibilities present in your dream. I recall from prior posts you own a business. As you mention financial difficulties on the personal/waking level the short skirt could represent fear of or actually being ‘short’ on meeting financial responsibilities. Forgetting to put on panties would then be a possibility of exposing or revealing this issue, not hiding it, or fear that it is in full view, possibly to clients, competitors, vendors, bankers, etc who take an interest in your business and financial situation. Both dream dictionaries reference an upward spiral as usually positive in an expansion or evolution theme. Perhaps you desire to expand the business but difficulty meeting existing financials, and possibly energy expended in concealing any issues, may hinder this, making it “difficult to climb”. Additionally, the males may represent the patriarchy in the business environment. That you are achieving in spite of that scrutiny and ‘control’.

Another possibility is a desire or need to further develop your feminine sexuality. Perhaps a learned belief that females should deny or attempt to conceal their sexuality. However, the spiral staircase symbolizes it as Nature and ascending could be breaking through these self imposed beliefs or barriers to a higher understanding. A symbol of personal growth. In that denying, or in hiding it from other aspects of Self, rather than accepting and integrating this, may hinder your growth.

Then…on the deeper level, this may speak to the inner Self, in aspects of feminine and masculine. The higher feminine in relation to the masculine aspects in feeling a need to conceal the higher position of the feminine from the masculine. The masculine, rightly, is below the feminine in the Self. Perhaps bringing these into balance, acknowledging the position of the feminine in relation to the Animus/masculine and then raising the masculine would proffer a more suitable path.

Just some thoughts..


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