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i would be grateful for any comments on this dream,
i am in the countryside,it is sunny and everything is green and vibrant,
with a small paint brush,i paint a fertilizing solution on to caviar type eggs on the underside of rare butterflies,to ensure they survive,
i walk further along the path,to my left is a long high grass bank,
i climb to the top and walk along it,
i notice a fault line running along the top,
i place my open hand into the gap and push it down,
return to the bottom path,
suddenly the whole grass bank falls over,
to my amazement it has reavealed a hoard of buried treasure.
i shout to the conservation ranger with me that we are going to be famous with this find,and tell him to report it.
on closer inspection,i notice a light on inside the treasure chamber,
i brush away a bit more soil and come to a glass window,i notice price tags on the artifacts,
it is actually a buried antique shop,and the lights are on.
originally the title for this dream was going to be,
the antique shop behind the bank,
in my town,there is an antique shop behind the bank,
it is called ,"serendipity",which would definatly reflect the latter part of the dream,
but i am not sure of its relation to the first part with the butterflies and eggs.
any thoughts would be much appreciated.
regards steve

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Re: discovery

Hi Steve,

Some thoughts:
transformation/metatmorphasis to wholeness in 4 stages?
1. sperm/fertilze (paint brush) + eggs = Creation, the undeveloped Self in work toward Individuation (rare), or maybe Nature as the essenceof your creative source/art (inner treasure)
2. Caterpillar eats (intake & storage of knowledge)
3. Pupa (sp?) in cocoon outwardly appearing as stasis but major transformation inside
4. beautiful butterfly - the whole self a result of each of the 3 prior stages.

I think of butterflies as beautiful art, each has a unique color pattern, like fingerprints or snow flakes. Perhaps this relates to Justin's 'blank canvass'...?


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Re: Re: discovery

kathy many thanks for your thoughts,
i liked your observations on the butterfly development as reflected in the process of individuation,
in my own words, abridged version,
i saw what i was doing as, initiating a process of development (fertizing the butterfly eggs),leading to the further discovery of self aspects, (unearthing the hidden antique shop).
this is of course what you have said in regard to the individuation theme,
the major theme in the development of the butterfly and the individuation process,is it all happens at its own pace,in its own time,and cannot be forced,
i think of your impasse post,
it appears to be a natural progression of development independant of our conscious will.
just to be aware of this fact,is a wonder in its self.
i must appologise for my lack of contribution to the posts,
i am bogged down with work at the moment,and have had little time to even switch on the pc.

regards steve.

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