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Dreaming with boyfriend that is dead

my boyfriend that I had since I was 12 yrs old passed away when i was 19, we always remained together, close and we had an incredible bond....when he was sick i was in another state at the time and everytime that his condition would get worse and he'd be rushed into the emergency room some how I always knew it before any one would call me to let me know, all of a sudden I would just feel terrible, and that's how i would know something happen to him. since he's passed on I have had several dreams with him most are the same dreams over and over again but today I had a really odd drea, with him.. I dreamt that it was friday night(I don't know how I know it's friday night) and I was hanging out with one of my girlfriend's and he called me on the phone and he also was with one of his friends, he asked me to come see him..and I kind of tried to avoid it because i had plans to just hang out with my friend, so when i started giving him excuses as an to why we shouldn't hang out that day and leave it for another he got upset and started to make me feel bad and guilty about not comming to see him(something he used to normally do anyway) so as I usually would I gave in and told him i would go pick him up. when I went to see him I was so happy about seeing him that we just hugged and we didn't want to leave each other's site finally we had to get back in my car to drive to my mom's house and so we both sat in the front passanger's side i sat first and then he sat on top of me on my lap(which would've really been impossible because while i'm 5'2 and tiny he was 6'2 and muscular) and when he sat on my lap i just hugged him and didn't want to let go, we were laughing trying to figure out who was going to get behind the wheel and drive and so we figured i would steer(from the passanger's side) and he would reach his left leg over to where the gas and brake peddal are, and just like that we drove all the way to my mom's house...for some reason we all (him my friend and I) took off runing once at my mom's to try to get there faster we were running thru this hallway, he and my friend were running pretty fast and kind of left me behind for some reason i just couldn't keep up, so he realized he was leaving me behind, he slowed down grabbed my hand and started pulling me so i could keep up with him, next thing i know i see a window of a store with a bunch of puppies( I love animals) and i let go of his hand so that i could stop to look at the puppies he just went down the hallway and I knew i was gonna see him later, so i went into my mom's where she was actually having some sort of party, I had a chocolate box in my hand and my friend asked me for some I told her she shouldn't eat any because they were going to make her break out and get fat...i ended up giving it to her anyway but then i also grabbed 2 pieces of chocolate but i wanted to make sure they were the ones with the coconut filling(??!!) then finally I woke up. the weird thing with this dream is that I kept on having it all night long till this morning, every time that I would wake up in the middle of the night and when i would fall asleep again i would start the dream right back where i had left off before i woke up. please help me and tell me what it means!!!!!!
( I am now married, have been for 2 yrs)

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Re: Dreaming with boyfriend that is dead

Hello Kel,

It may be that some event in your daily life has reminded you of your deceased boyfriend, which your dream reflects. That is certainly a possibility. Or, it could be that a more traditional Jungian approach would give a better interpretation to this dream.

However, I believe that your deceased boyfriend may have actually been communicating with you. To some, this will appear to be wishful thinking. But, from other dreams that I have interpreted, I believe that some of us do have dream visits from deceased friends and relatives.

You wrote that you dreamed that it was Friday. Sometimes, especially significant dreams will happen on certain days, such as the first day of spring, a person’s birthday, etc. So, does Friday have any special significance? Friday is associated with love. In fact, Friday was named after the Norse Goddess Frigga – the goddess of love.

When you get back into the car to drive to your mom’s house, he is sitting on your lap and helping you drive your car. Your car probably symbolizes you in some way – either your physical body or your psyche.

You next stop to look at puppies. Babies of any kind are often associated with birth, rebirth or the start of a new enterprise.

You are next at a party of some sort. You grab two pieces chocolate. But, you want to make sure that they have coconut fillings. I’m not too sure of the significance of the chocolate. However, the party is almost certainly a good sign. The coconut, like the puppies, is also associated with birth and fertility. This is because the coconut is the world’s largest seed.

So, what does all this mean? The fertility symbols suggest that your deceased boyfriend may soon be reborn or that you will soon become pregnant.

Hope this helps,

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