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kidnapped g/f and no big deal to anyone but me

i had a dream that i woke up and people kidnapped my girlfriend. she lives with me so i get up and tell my parents and friends yet no one believes me or they just don't care. i try throughout the entire time to get her back, eventually dying trying to get her back. what do you think this means?

Re: kidnapped g/f and no big deal to anyone but me

Several possibilities present:
1. Perhaps you have (unconscious) issues of abandonment, trust, honesty, etc in the relationship with your girlfriend. Perhaps she's involved with a new group of friends, work of life situation which takes time away from the relationship. If so, are you maybe going to extremes in trying to gain that attention back however it doesn't seem to have the desired effect?

2. Possibly coming to conscious knowledge your anima (girlfriend)is un/under developed (woke up). A call to integrate some missing feminine trait that would lead to a better balance in your personality. That she lives with you would be acknowledgement of the anima as a part of Self. Parents and friends could be other parts of Self, parents possibly inner authority aspects. These parts of Self have yet to acknowledge a need for anima development. Your unconsicous communicates the difficulty in indentifing and integrating the anima trait. And that it's necessary (dying trying to get her back)

Hope this helps. Please respond with your thoughts even if these don't feel close. Knowing your age would be very helpful as the meaning of dream symbols and content can vary greatly depending on the dreamers age.

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Re: kidnapped g/f and no big deal to anyone but me

I'm 22 years old. I believe more so that it is the first suggestion you gave. I really didn't think about it a lot but she has become rather distant and maybe it's work or stress related. I've also been complacent to ask her about it because i don't want to make anything more complicated than it has to be. As soon as i read the first suggestion, it kinda clicked. There could be more to it but i believe that, that is the surface of it. I'm in a 5 yr relationship with her and i would say we've grown maybe a bit apart the past 6 months.

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