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Dreams of a posionous snake trying to bite me

I am trying to understand this dream. I am at my mom's house visiting then all of a sudden out of no where a bunch of snakes of different colors, mostly black starts crawling through the house. I take off running. My mom is yelling "don't worry they are not posionous!" But I still keep running. Then I look down at my feet and see a yellow/black snake. My mom yells again "that one is posionous. So I run faster and it is still on me. Then it jumps at me to bite me, but I block it with my hands and knock it to the floor. Then I jumped on like a shelf or something and it jumps up to try to bite again, but I knock it away with my foot. Then I go into a stage of rage. I let out a loud cry and run after the snake. It slitters and hides into a crack. So I am tearing up everything to find it, but never do. Last time I had a dream of snakes, I found out that I had some fake friends. Please help.

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Re: Dreams of a posionous snake trying to bite me

Hi Jo

Your are where it all began ,,, was this your mothers 'real house' or did it feel like your mothers house but was different?

Snakes - a huge mythological topic; usually signifying rebirth ,,,, well really the breaking through into a new level of awareness (consciousness).
Something is trying to break through to your awareness, as in your experience of fake friends.

This 'bite' is something that you may have been avoiding yet now are going after ,,, ???

Maybe look further into your dreams and there may be other clues.
As always your feedback would be appreciated

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Re: Dreams of a posionous snake trying to bite me

Dear Jo,

Interesting dream. I don't know if snakes resemble the same kind of symbolic meaning to everyone as what I have experienced in my life. To me, snakes will reflect the opposite sex. I apologise in advance to pry into your personal life here but do you recall anyone that has/might have had an interest in you which your mother rejected or is rejecting (the yellow snake which your mum said it was poisonous) and that prompted you to reject this person in your life?

This is just a thought but I don't know if the same kind of dream would have the same meaning for everyone across the globe. Let me know if what I asked have any close connection to what you went through in the past or what you are going through now. Hope I have not offended you and hope to hear from you on this. BTW I dream almost every day and of them affect my life with all kinds of clues and meanings and it takes time to decipher them to know what they are trying to tell you.

Best regards,


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Re: Dreams of a posionous snake trying to bite me

Hi Jo,

Although it’s best to have some background information about the dreamer and what comes to her mind about the dream images, here are a few additional ideas that might fit your situation.

You’ll come across very many interpretations for the image of a snake in dreams, but at root, it is symbolic of energy itself, of force pure and simple. This is based on analogy, going back to our reptilian ancestors. This basic untamed reptilian energy is still “remembered” or present in the body, mostly through the snake-like brain stem and spinal cord that control “automatic” systems and reactions in the body.

That’s why snakes can then come to symbolize many other things in folk tales, based on the context, energy “transforming” itself according to actual circumstances. For example, they have been viewed as symbols of immortality because they shed their skins, apparently living forever by doing that, or they’re viewed as dangerous because of their fangs etc., each of these representing some aspect of “energy” and its potential characteristics, “positive” or “negative”.

It may be that certain “reptilian” feelings have gone largely unnoticed or were rejected (the non-poisonous snakes). Your mother may represent a sort of instinctive knowledge that these feelings are a normal part of the personality’s inventory.

It might be that, because you have tended to reject and suppress certain types of emotions too often, they are “fighting back” (the poisonous snake). A bite often symbolizes an uncontrollable up-rush of instinct and emotion such as rage, ongoing anxiety, strong hatred, deep sadness, continuous fear etc. Perhaps the snakes don’t symbolize “fake friends” as much as the “hateful” emotions that arose from the painful realization of their true nature.

We often feel uncomfortable letting in unpleasant feelings and reactions, but it’s best to do so in the long run so they don’t burst out on their own in an uncontrollable way. Perhaps looking back to what happened the day before the dream will provide a clue about what emotions etc. the dream may be commenting on.

I hope that some of these ideas will help in unravelling the meaning of your dream.

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