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Alchemy, Dreams, Meaning of Life

Something I came across while reading about Aldous Huxley.

Carl Gustav Jung who introduced the concept of self-actualization to psychology was keenly interested in alchemy for its rich symbolism and capacity to describe the inner journey. He said "My studies of alchemy may seem obscure and baffle many people, but taken symbolically - the symbolic gold of great worth, or the transforming philosopher's stone 'lapis philosophorum' hunted for centuries by the alchemists - is to be found in man."

Along with mythology Jung's study of alchemy lead to many of his insights to dreams. Taken symbolically the message within dreams can be understood. Using Jung's Individuation Process there can be an understanding of the 'meaning of life'. And also a higher perception of 'understanding' that is not available to the ordinary mind. As Jung said, "My studies of alchemy baffle many people".

When we study our dreams we are participating in a search, an inner search. Jung's Individuation Process is one path that will provide guidance in that search. As the search progresses
dreams become a intricate part of living a healthy balanced, meaningful life.


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Re: Alchemy, Dreams, Meaning of Life

I'm interested in the process of keeping one's shadow under control while attempting to integrate it.

In the extract on individuation it says: The answer is that you must learn to integrate the dark side of yourself, which means accepting it and allowing it to proper expression under the control of your conscious mind. It will then cease to be dark and terrifying and hostile.

I believe I have been living over the last few mobnths with an expression of shadow that is quite dark (controls me lets say...)So I am at a stage of recognising my shadow...but what IS the work of integration....

That is, what can the conscious mind do to help this process ...or does this process really occur on its own... and we just have to wait and be patient. (I know looking at dreams, moods etc will give us INSIGHT into this process...but is there any way of CONTROLLING the process??)

does this question make sense?


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