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two that are one

hi all,
i felt a recent dream i had was worth mentioning as it echoed some of gerards comments on alchemy,which i followed up for further ref.
the dream,
i am climbing up the outside of a tall tower ,via a long hanging curtain or banner,
as i get nearer to the top i feel very anxious because of the height,and i remark to myself that i would feel happier with a rope around my waist,
i notice three wooden doors in the wall,on which are signs reading,
one for males,one for females,one for middlers,
i choose the middle door,the one for middlers and swing in through it,
after climbing some stone stairs,
i arrive at the top of the tower,
in the centre is a circular padded seat,in the middle,
is sitting a figure in a hooded coat,
the figure looks up at me and i notice that,
one half of the coat is furry like an animal,the other half was denim,the animal half was male the denim was female,i was struck by the intensity of the figures big brown eyes.
definatly had both m/f features,
no words were spoken at all,but i knew that this figure was a radio dj,
the voice on the other end,the source,
i understand the symbols but as there was no end to it,is this where i am?
i would welcome any thoughts,

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Re: two that are one

Hi Steve,
Not really a response releveant to Alchemy as the topic is still on the to do list for mid summer.

The point you raise was a similar question for me until March...Is the dream depicting a current state of being or one to work toward? I'm improving on making this determination by looking at emotion(s) during a dream. For me - If peaceful and calm, being; if anything other than peaceful and calm, it's inner work on the slate.

Many thanks,

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