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hi i had a dream that me and my brother were swimming in the ocean away from shore and a bunch of big fish swam to the top and by us we,didnt feel threatend it was like we amazed and the look and actions of my brother were like he was en aw but yet liked it

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Re: swimming,ocean,brother,fish

On a personal level the your unconscious may be revealing to the conscious forgotten or repressed emotions, of love and admiration, either toward your brother or he toward you. Brotherly love so to speak. This of course may also symbolize brotherly love in general, to all others.

On the deeper level this could symbolize your creative Self and/or your true spiritual self that resides in the deep unconscious that you may have repressed or forgotten. That this aspect is a part of your Psyche and may desire to be developed, brought to the surface, for your personal growth.

Please respond with your thoughts. This is a place of learning so dreamer feedback is greatly appreciated and participates in the learning process.

Many thanks,

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Re: swimming,ocean,brother,fish


this could be a multiple themed dream. First---and obvious meaning---you're gay. Second, you're gay and about to go to an all you can eat seafood buffet. Third, you're gay, you're at a buffet and somehow, become even more gayer (think queer eye for the straight guy meets big gay al meets stevan).

Or, it could be something else :) swimming represents many things to many people; for some, it is the feeling of being pulled down by something (as in "in too deep" or "being pulled under"), for some it could mean relaxation and general blissful feeling of calm, etc. Since you are and your awesomely super-thin brother are not panicking or fighting a tide or current or struggling, it might be a more positive dream. Swimming with the creatures---it's best to describe the fish; were they whales? Sharks, etc. Were you impressed by what? Their size, their beauty,
the way they related to each other? You're brother being in awe; could part of him be you? Is it you who is in awe? And why would YOU be in awe? Maybe the dream represents a nice relaxing feeling after a lot of turmoil and stress and that you are realizing something that maybe you hadn't realized before you were able to focus clearly on somethings....also it could be a good omen meaning that many good things are coming your way...something large and fresh and something completely different to you which you might not have expected...

or, it could mean you're gay :)

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