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Attraction w/man (PG13), Celebration, Family, Material visual cues

In an attic, I'm leaning over, marvelling at a beautiful-colored bureau. Speaking to older woman behind me, I say, "Oh this is an arts & craft piece". Then "Yes, art nouveau." I open the drawers slowly. Each drawer had a gem in it. I see gold paint with painted birds & roses. The older women said it was old, back in the day there were 20 of them, & mentioned that "back then they would send announcements when they came along, so we just decided we would pick one up."
I am still surrounded by this older family, a few kids and they seem to be a family pretty well off.
I go through racks of clothes, picked up a small baby outfit & began thinking to myself,
"Maybe they're saving this, so I questioned whether I should put it back on the rack with the adult clothes I was skimming through. I put it back."

I remember thinking of my family, how my mom was sleeping on a couch--vaguely I made a comment about that.

I had mentioned to some people my age that I visited Sweden for work, showing them my Swedish $20 bill (which in all actuality of waking state, I do carry one in my wallet. But i've yet to go to Sweden). One man gave me a hug.

I was celebrating with the family, wearing a wedding dress around a large mansion or home. Children following along.

A quick view of women (seemed to be a group of mothers) lounging on gondolas with sting rays laying on their laps like pets. The woman closest to my view had a sting ray that was higher than the other, but like two pets were vying for their owner's attention. The highest sting ray had a slithering tongue like a snake, in what seemed to be a gesture to tease the lower stingray.

I'm walking then lounging around in an outfit from the night before, with this man. I stare at his his bare chest & the image pans down, scanning his body. He is standing there naked with a condom on, clearly raised. I feel excited & want to be close with this man. I remember wondering how I hadn't seen him and this sudden attraction before.

The room is once again filled with people, family of friends, kids. They are taking me to dinner. about 35 people(why that number is significant I don't know?) All of the sudden i'm feeling under-dressed & tired looking since I had clothes on that I slept in. But no one seemed to notice. So once again I am lounging & dining with this man on pillows. There is a smiling waiter that is extremely slow in talk, movement. He keeps lying with us, getting up and down slowly. We wait there forever for food & he's not responding. So I begin to get angry and scream "Can't you just get us some chips?" "Just chips, we've been here for hours". Then we both get up and begin to yell about the chips & walk out. (Too funny.)

We are on some journey, passing a runaway car that slides next to a copcar. The car appears to minimize
itself in a slender fashion (as if looking from a different perspective) & then backs up behind a building. A number of cops in white suits run around. Some get into tubes and go into the ground. Or run into secret alley's to find this runaway car . We continue to walk (I think) and notice a man balancing a car, a bag & a surf board all while walking up the hill. I run up and grab the bag taking a load off of him, then we stop. As soon as I help him with his bag, the hill levels off and he gets in his car to drive the rest of the way. Then I woke up.

I'm grateful for any insight. Thanks much in advance!

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Re: Attraction w/man (PG13), Celebration, Family, Material visual cues

Hi Debreah

This is quite a dream - full of symbols; the exact meaning is really how it fits into your life at present. I would guess there have been some major changes going on inwardly, outwardly, likely both).

The dream is located in a higher place (the attic); where there is greater knowledge (the bureau) and stored 'treasure' (gems) - with symbols of transcendence (birds) and higher spiritual purpose (roses).
Family, children and the older woman - the relational world, the progeny of its creation and perhaps the archetypal mother (the older woman).

Are you 'saving' some part of yourself ? perhaps the best part - the pure you? The clothes are the potential roles you could fulfill.
Indeed you may be tired of the role you are currently fulfilling / 'playing'; you may not be consciously aware of this +/or other people in your outer life may not know that you feel this way,
Is ths 'masculine side' of you lacking - the rational, creative parts of you that can give you the 'inner, perhaps spiritual food' you ware wanting ?

The final part of the dream seems to address the balance / imbalance between your masculine and feminine aspects. The cars cam mean 'your life' / 'you as you journey through life' - it looks different from different perspectives.
The 'cops' can symbolise authority or the patriarchial (power aspects) belief systems. So the dream is describing your relationship to either authority or power - which may be running from / hiding ?

The dream needs to be interpreted in context of what is going on for you - feedback may enable clearer understandings of the imagery in your dream

All the best

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Re: Attraction w/man (PG13), Celebration, Family, Material visual cues

Hi JC,

Thank you!! Very insightful. Much of your interpretation resonates with my current state of being. I have always had some level of repetitive symbolic dreams, but like the dreams themselves, I'm left with a vague understanding. You've certainly given me a sharper focus. Wow.

I have been going through tremendous amounts of changes internally, that I believe is starting to reflect outwardly. A major transition in moving away from family, has taken place over the past several months. I took a leap of faith to move thousands of miles away to begin a new life and relationship. During this transition, I felt a re-awakening to my spirituality and began to focus on healing from the past and letting go of resentment from an old long-standing relationship of ten years. The added bonus was getting to 'clean out the closet' with old beliefs, habits, unforgiveness & bitterness in both personal and professional relationships. I also began focusing on diet and yoga. Lots of unexpected healing opportunities surfaced.
I had a life-changing, affirming dream of an angel telling me it's a birth of a new life. Since then, i've faithfully devoted my lifestyle towards all things divine. I'm preparing for an upcoming spiritual event, and my dreams have been more visual and energetic than ever.

My ego/fear and resistance surfaces when I think about old dogma and patriarchal religious powers from my past. There is a skeptical part of me that wonders what all of this is about and some deep seated fear turning away from the power aspect of control, that in my mind only brings separation. But connecting to my higher source has brought on a new found confidence and trust within myself, I only hope to be able to give back to others + , with what i've been experiencing. I'm drawn to children, but do not have them. I think about having them & would like to someday, but there is resistance whether i'm with the right person. Yet, it's taken a back seat to my ultimate focus in spiritual pursuits. I am very much looking up to the wise-nuturing mother and father, and hope to balance both the inner child and wisdom in myself to help others do the same. I am into 'birthing' creative enterprises involving this pursuit but go through doubtful moments of anxiety from time to time. Sorting out new career focus/so their's another transition. Leaving the corporate design world and moving into healing intuitive art. I worry about my family and friends that I no longer live close to (just their general well-being and hoping that they understand and accept my new 'life'). Always thinking of the kids in my family, and have a penchant to be concerned for my mom, hoping she's feeling loved and fulfilled. I've had to put away a lot of lower habits and attachments to get me to this point in my life. A lot of dream symbols i've been experiencing are tidal waves, hearing conversations & voices, walking up stairs in churches, preparing with books, and being pregnant. In waking life, birds, feathers and roses have been notable constant appearances for me. Just last night I heard my name being called, I replied with "Rose?". Interesting, I never knew the connection to these symbols.

Thanks for triggering my mind and giving me this time to reflect within. I hope some of this brings further insight and welcome your thoughts and amazing insights. Justin, you are really good at this. You are a lightworker. May you receive all the good you give back in multiple blessings. Thank you so much for your unconditional time in interpreting my dreams.


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Re: Re: Attraction w/man (PG13), Celebration, Family, Material visual cues

Dear Debreah


Many thanks for your beautiful response - it touched me deeply in many ways, and much of what you say resonates with me.

It is clear that you have great insight into yourself and your journey - wow.

I am struck by your bravery and beauty - and I wish you every support on your journey (sadhana). I hope to have your bravery in facing my cahllenges - thank you for sharing this as it helps me and fellow travellers keep 'heart'.
As an artist you have likely already developed skills (albeit likely in a patriarchal system) that will be of great use in your new healing persuits, in balance as you say. It is ilke haveing set a foundation that can be built on, and this is a blessing. For me, learnig about the 'feeling' / intuiitve (feminine) aspects of my psyche is not easy and so your work is greatly needed at this time and in this place. Please share ,,, (I know you are and will).

Your encouragement also means a lot to me - especially when I put myself out there and 'risk' stepping over other peoples boundaries. When I interpreted dreams there is no knowing how life is for the person - and so in some ways 'dry' interpretation requires great clarity of the interpretation - as Jung said, 'what does the dream say' ,,, meaning, not what our mind wants it to say. Dream interpretation is so humbling when one considers the source of the dreams and the psyche - and the constant nature of the psyche to head towards healing (wholeness) for the individual and goodness overall.

One final note is that for me it seems imperitive to work both on the psyche and the body. This has been my experience.

many thanks,

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Re: Re: Attraction w/man (PG13), Celebration, Family, Material visual cues

Hello again Debreah

I meant to mention - "The Rose" ,,,, have you looked into the symbolism of the rose ,,,,,, ?
watch those thorns


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Re: Attraction w/man (PG13), Celebration, Family, Material visual cues

Hi Justin,

Thank you once again. I can sense such a big heart and healing abilities within you! You have also touched my heart with your words. Namaste. I'm grateful and so amazingly honored by your response.
I believe you are in touch with your feminine side, at least in it's palpable form, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to see something if you hadn't possessed it in the first place.
What is that quote about tools? Let me jog my mind on this. Every hammer...ok I found it:
"When all you got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail" You have the tools, I guess that's what I'm getting at (unelegantly as it seems LOL) Hope this makes sense, even in it's masculine cloak.

You bring me to a deep place in my heart inspiring me with your words about courage and beauty. It really hasn't dawned on me as courageous, but looking back perhaps I should appreciate the journey i've walked with your eyes. It seems we don't give enough encouragement to ourselves. The place of lack just asks for more lack.

It's great that you are so in tune with balancing your mind, body and spirit. I believe that every moment has it's own unique magic and miracle that
can change your life when you are open to receive.
When you begin to believe you are deserving and unconditionally loved by your divine source.

Your natural gift to divine and interpret dreams for others needs to be honored. Much of your 'intution' and divine guidance goes into this as well as your developed left brain ability. This will lead you to
a beautiful place, taking you back to the essence of who you are for all the world to see. Much credit back to you, my friend.

The only rose understanding that I have at this moment is St. Therese, the little flower. Her spirit speaks to you with a sign of roses. Also, the smell of roses, for some i've heard (hasn't happened to me yet)means that spirit is sending you a divine msg of a gift. The thorns, hmmm you're right, need to be mindful of the shadow side of roses (but always visualize and feel the well-being of it's beauty & meaning!)

Oh, curious, what do you think about the sting rays?

Thank you so much for welcoming me to share.
I look forward to virtually connecting our psyche
and hearts! Namaste.


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Re: Re: Attraction w/man (PG13), Celebration, Family, Material visual cues

Hi Debreah

well what to say ,,,, your response gives me heart to continue ,,

In regard to:
- roses: I read about the symbolism of roses and have tried to find it however I've had a number of sources on the go recently and have not been able to find it again. It wasn't about the thorns (that was a more superficial meaning allusion). This was quite beautiful - describing the rose as a Christian symbol of ?? great purity ,,, maybe a bit like to flowers representing the chakras.

It may be said that flowers serve no ' real' purpose ,,, that their 'purpose' is beauty and beauty alone ,,,, what a great reminder of creation and impermenance.

- Stingrays: I have seen these refered to in dreams before but have not seen any interpreted meaning. There must be one. The image you desribe is so great - women sitting there with stringrays in the laps like pets ,,, and perhaps therein lies some meaning ,,, ? contol of something ancient and instinctual (that lives in water, filtering, cruising the shores as it likes, enjoying the suns rays and warmth, even jumping from the water when it desires to clear the parasites !!!) ??

Sting -
Ray - ? rays of the sun ?
held by women / the feminine ,,,,

great to know you

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