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Symbols in a dream

Ok, so I'll post the dream so you can make of it what you will, as I'm sure it probably will help... but what I'm most curious about is the symbol at the end of the dream...

It begins in a village. I’m bouncing back and forth from being the man to being the woman. The man is being persued by a killer because of some unknown reason. I never do find out.
The woman is trying to stop it because she loves him. She pleads with the man trying to kill him, throwing herself in front of the man. The killer will not strike because he’s been specifically ordered NOT to harm her.
Then it shifts to a plane. There are a bunch of us. It’s a huge plane. We have to stop something.
We end up loosing a member of our group. The flight staff isn’t very cooperative at first. They think we’re the bad guys. After I talk with one of the stewardesses, she agrees to help, which convinces the others to. No one but us and the flight crew is to know why we’re there. The member of our team that we thought we’d lost is found-getting married! We’re glad to see her.
Once we find what we were after, we re-take our seats-none the wiser to what we’d been doing. The flight staff even plays along. Then we land and get our luggage. Larry and John get off the plane, too.
We’re like hours and miles from home and we decide to bike home. We each have a bike. We decide to race home. However, we end up in an arcade instead.
John and I are playing a racing. Larry’s playing a game where the main character is a vampire. We watch him play after we loose our game.
It shifts from watching the game to being in it. The vampire guy has a little girl with him. He feeds off the adult man and brings the little girl to the boy laying on the pavement.
They (the vampires) have this creature with them that serves as their dog. It’s white and walks on two legs. It has small useless wings and talks.
The little boy is still lucid enough to ask questions. “What’s happening?” he asks as the male vampire rolls him onto his side.
The white creature begins to speak to the little boy. “It appears my masters haven’t been playing nice again. You were hit by a bus. You’re badly hurt…”
The male vampire looks at the creature and tells it to shut up. It keeps talking as the man lifts the little boy up for the little girl to feed on. “You are going to serve as food tonight. You’ll likely be drained dry.”
The male vampire gets mad and pulls out this huge knife, something more the size of a small machete. He uses the tip to carve a symbol in the beast’s forehead. It’s a cross with an arrow beneath it pointing north-northeast. It makes the beast stop talking.
Afterwards, he helps the little girl into position and tells her to feed. She bites down and the little boy cries out in terror and pain. After a moment, the male vampire lets go of the little boy’s body, shaking his head.
He says, “I shouldn’t have done this. I shouldn’t have let it happen.” With that, he takes that knife and uses it to slice the back of the little girl’s neck wide open. As he cuts her and she cringes, he says, “Forgive this small wound, but you’ll understand later.” *wake up*

the symbol the vampire drew on the creature's forehead... for some reason it sticks in my mind stronger than any other part of the dream.

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Re: Symbols in a dream

Hi Kenly

The dream is set in a village - just like in fairy tales ,,, a place where it all began. In this pre-memory state we are both male and female.
The killer may be the ego and the female may also represent the essential life energy. Ones ego is always trying to 'kill' the creative affirming greater Self.

The dream seems to address attitudes to authority or experiences with authority ,,, 'not helpful'; indeed combative. There has been a price to pay for this ,,, you have lost some of yourself.

You are unclear of the purpose of your life perhaps? or you have 'forgotten' it.
The journey home requires 'balance',,, the bicylces.

I suspect that since childhood you may have felt great emptiness - like having the life sucked out of you. If this is so, what could the reason for that be ,,, ?

the vampire - the living dead,,, that live by sucking the life out of others,,,, in the dream sense this means sucking the life out of you.
Their dog (maybe llok up dog in one of the dictionaries, and wings ,,, and white),,,,,

I think this dream represents much conflict within you - likely due to aspects that you may not fully understand.
It would be useful for you to draw and reflect on what the drawing means to you Kenly.

The dog may also represent you instinctual aspects as well - that are telling you things that you may not like to hear but that are true. You may be suppressing this inner knowledge ,,,,,

If you reflect on this and post your feedback, it may be possible to decipher the meaning of the dream more. The meaning of dreams are for the dreamer and need to be interpreted in this light.

take care

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