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this is my dream: i am in a beautiful place - river, grass, lots of sunshine - many people are around and it's very noisy. suddenly some creatures start chasing me. these creatures can fly, are very beautiful, but look devilish as well - birds with human faces. my mother comes with me as i start running and i am surprised that she joined me since she never really made any clear actions where she would help me. so we are swimming in the river to escape the creatures when we come to the waterfall and fall into it. i decide to give up. i join the creatures and discover i have become like them and i also can fly. so i enjoy dancing wildly with those beiings, mostly women. i start dancing with a man, very beautiful, it's almost like an extacy and at this point i scream: i'm in love. everybody stops, it's quiet and one woman says: you cannot, we have not yet found the cure for us - if you have sex with him, he will die. here i wake up.

i found this dream very mystical, it is definitely about spiritual change that i am going through in real life. but who are these creatures? why am i not allowed to be with a man? (in real life there's somebody i care about but he's overseas, i'm planning to return to him) And how comes my mother finally actively supports me? (i'm used to just words and apologies from her)
thank you for some hints or ideas.

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Re: creatures

Hi Nina

You will have to contemplate the meaning and nature of the creatures as they pertan to you - as will all dreamwork.
However here are some thoughts to start with -

The dream starts in a symbolic Garden of Eden.

creatures ? your instincts? aspects of your higher nature

The river is the river of life, and also the aspects of the inner world ,,, you have dived into the world firstly as an escape perhaps and then you have discovered how beautiful and meaningful it is. You have been reunited with the inner and outer mother (who has never left you and is always with you) as you have taken this course.

The creatures may be the transcendent ,,, you have discovered that you have these qualities of transcendence, of living between the two worlds. (Yet beware here because in human form we need to be grounded, connected to earth for stability and our connection to reality).

Then the dream addresses something that may be a central issue for you - the union with your other inner aspects ,,, have you learnt that it is impossible for you to be happy without someone else? or that if you 'fall in love' then a part of you must die?

I would value your thoughts / feedback
Best wishes

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