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baby dream

i had dream where i was visiting my friends's mother's house, and there was an extremely small baby lying in the floor, that i assumed was napping. All of a sudden, I was leading a class of kids to recess and we played for a while. Then I was back in the home, and the baby was still in the floor, but now covered in some form of syrupy liquid and there was feces on the floor, which the mom was cleaning up. The mom said that the baby was bad. The baby began convulsing, and I dialed for the paramedics. My friend and I went to another part of the room while waiting for help. Someone brought the baby to us screaming the mother had put a needle in it's eye. I took the baby in my arms and there was a threaded needle sticking from the baby's open right eye. The thread was either clear or white. When asked why she'd done that, the mom said that was the only thing she knew to do for a baby having a seizure. That is when I awoke, completely disturbed.

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Re: baby dream

Hi Melissa,

Sometimes when the meaning of a dream isn't clear, it may also be helpful to look at several other dreams and search for any common themes.

What is your friend's mother like in real life? Dream images usually have a lot of energy that signifies parts of our unconscious self. Do you share any traits with your friend's mother that maybe you haven't been consciously aware of until now? Houses usually represent the psyche...the nature or mood of the dream house...the nature or mood of the dreamers unconcious psychic state.

If I apply my general view of dreams that all images are parts of us...then I would be concerned not just for the baby but for what the mother represents...is there or has there been any life situation that was extremely emotionally and mentally challenging...and difficult to deal with cognitively? The left signifies the unconscious, the irrational and the emotional...the right;intellect, cognition, mental ability. It is interesting that you went on recess in the middle of the dream. Did you maybe temporarily find some respite from a painful situation? The mother figure is benign, she is helping the baby the best way she can, but as you can see, needles in the eye are usually not the best cure for seizures. What do needles represent to you? Is there something needling(SP?) you?

Please let me know if any of this makes sense to you. The interpretation needs to resonate for the dreamer if its true.


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