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Divine oneness, rose-pine tree, buried treasure, dying earth, groceries and abandoning husband

I'm at a friend's house. He is very, very religious and in real life is considered a true spiritual teacher/leader. He is washing my laundry, has already put it in his washing machine and its turning as he tells me this and I'm so happy. He's lying on his side on the floor facing me and I'm flooded with a feeling of unconditional love, not based on ego/personality but the love of divine oneness for me. He's a channel for this love because he's actually surrendered his ego/personality to become one with the Divine and is now imparting this love experience to me. I bathe in this love and am a part of it, a part of the divine oneness. (To call it a part doesn't really encapsulate the wholeness of the experience...its more clear to say I'm one with the divine...but please also don't misunderstand that.)

After that I go to a store. It's a jewellery store. I'm with a friend. She ends up shapeshifting later. I am picking out jewellery. I choose a delicate pink ring, and a small rectangular pair of mild hot pink with a white border inside them along the edges. I'm turning the stand that has the jewellery on it to look at. It is on the counter. It was on a very high shelf but it was akward for me to reach it so it was brought down. After I found a small delicate necklace, also pink, I try to put the jewelly stand back on the high shelf but I can't reach so I put it on the middle shelf which is shorter in length, so the stand can't accomodate it. It turns into a rose-pine tree bush that is squashed in this middle shelf. At this point in the dream I realize the friend represents my grandmother who passed away. The store keeper is dishonest. I open the bag he packed with the jewellery I choose and the earings are huge-ugly shell like pale yellow , the ring was a piece of thin white plastic, the necklace is a cluster of shells-tinged with black and brown- not very feminine or pretty. The friend that was my grandmother had something to do with switching the jewellery. She turned into my friend the psychologist I once had another dream about. It was either her or my grandmother that switched the jewellery. Suddenly my husband appears on the scene and takes me to the desert. All the jewellery I bought that was switched to the other things was flung in the loose sands of the desert and buried. I started to retrieve the jewellery and as I am digging, I find a cardboard carton someone had placed in the spot under where my jewellery ended up. I dig through the box and find it is full of box. I check through them, some are very old, some are familiar and some are not, some are interesting, some not. It's possible in the dream I may have recognized a few titles, but if so I didn't remember when I woke up and it may only be recognition in my unconscious, nothing I'm aware of in daily life. Some of them are useful. I find I have reached the bottom. I take out the box.

Underneath where the box was, are a few books, plus, it is no longer sand.

It is earth. where the box was buried was earth. It is putrid decaying, rotten, dying earth. It smelled so bad i felt I was going to get sick. I couldn't stand the smell for maybe a few seconds. there were things that looked like white insects that were part of what was making the smell., but it was also the quality of the earth, it was really, really bad. I think decay, rotten, dying don't quite capture the connotation of how nasty it was and unbearable. Because I couldn't stand the smell, I quickly put down the carton. There were two books there, maybe only two, it was so bad and my curiousity to see the books couldn't overcome the horror of the condition of the earth. I couldn't even pick them up or put them in the box with the rest of the other books. I just put the carton box down in the hole again. It was a cardboard box/carton. I put it back in its place quickly to cover up the rotten earth and hide the bad smell. It was the worse smell I had ever experienced in my life but it was nothing remotely similar to anything I had ever experienced before or that I could identify. It was as if the earth was diseased and infested with parasites that made it decayed, rotten.

I am now in a grocery store. I pay for my things, as i finish, an employee comes to inspect my groceries. I took some of my boxed groceries out of their boxes and put them into plastic bags after I payed for them to make it easier for me to carry. He came along to check if the products were expired. Suddenly a wall came up shielding him and I from any onlookers. He was there on a pretext. His real intent was to take a bribe from me for letting him let my products go out of the store without the expiration date being checked, but that was all just a pretext so that he could have a tip from me. He spent some time stalling and making stuff up about expiration dates and production dates. I leave without giving him any money, because I know its all just made up stuff and he's trying to scam me for a tip. Before I left though, there were three women, all cashiers at the store, standing together talking. Two of them were trying to advise one of them about how to handle a divorce and telling her not to be unwise, not to lay all her cards out on the table, etc, etc. They are speaking very loudly and looking in my direction and actually all lined up, so the ladies aren't really addressed the third cashier, so I get the idea that this message is equally for me and I should pay attention to what they are telling her, the third cashier.

Later in the dream I met up with my husband. He tells me that he, his father, his mother and one of his siblings, the four of them, are going on a spiritual/religious retreat and the reason I can't come is because his father, mother and sibling are going. Clearly we are a mutually exclusive group, its either them or I. I feel hurt by this, especially because in real-life my father in law has passed away and he's not the real reason that I'm unwelcome, and I resent my husband using him as an excuse. This was the last part of the dream I had right before waking up so I don't remember if in the dream I was aware that his father died, and thought it was an unfair excuse, or if I thought that as I was waking up and reflecting on the dream, so I don't know if that will affect the interpretation. I've had similar realizations in dreams but can't be exactly sure if I had it in the dream or after I wake up. I think it was in the dream, am 99% sure. Just want to acknowledge the 1% percent doubt in case it makes a difference.

I am really concerned about what the earth symbolism means.....it was in very bad shape...what does earth symbolize in the psyche???

Also, either in the dream or right after I woke up I realized that the Jewellery stand that turned into a rose-pine tree/bush represents me and that I'm somehow being compromised by being put in a location that is too compressing, squashing, constraining for me, also, in the middle of something..soemthing mediocre and not planted in the earth or allowed to grow tall. Sorry for putting my interpretations here with the dream, am not sure if I had these realizations during the dream or right after, but I feel they are part of the dream anyway and what it is trying to tell me. Also this dream is strange to me because it starts out really positive. Can the animus be represented by more than one male and can the state of the animus change from positive to negative?

I have lots of dreams about my husband and in this dream he lead me to the desert to retrieve my jewellery and unearth the box of books and discover what was underneath, which was very positive and helpful, but in the end of the dream he is excluding me from his family. Also, can my spiritual friend represent my animus as my husband does or does he represent something else...this part confuses me. Thanks so much!

Thank you so much in advance, all insights are appreciated.

Re: Divine oneness, rose-pine tree, buried treasure, dying earth, groceries and abandoning husband

Hi all,

Since I've been mainly having negative dreams about men and have come to terms with the idea that I have a negative animus this dream is pleasantly surprising in that the spiritual friend and my husband (at least in the beginning of the dream) are so helpful.

I did lots of research on the animus and one of the later stages is a professor type smart guy or spiritual sage archetype.

So I have some burning questions about the animus:

1. can a woman have more than one?
2. can she have positve and negative animuses?
3. can they flucuate from being really great to being really horrible?
4. can she have a positive and negative animus at the same time?

I have been searching hi and low, near and far for all the information on the animus I can find...but still these three questions remain unanswered...I need to know.

Please...any beyond basic information about the animus would help so much...I checked this website and a million other ones and several books....anyone who has a wondfully helpful, sophisticated and mature animus especially please fill me in!

Also...the decaying earth....could this represent sickness? (Physical)(Organic)(Disease)? I'm really worried about health issues because of this dream and the one I posted after about the abyss.



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